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Home Training Build Muscle The Best Training Guide to Build Muscle Fast in a Day

The Best Training Guide to Build Muscle Fast in a Day

The Best Training Guide to Build Muscle Fast in a Day


is the fastest and most efficient guide to help you build lean muscle mass, torch the body fat, and to look and feel your greatest. We have spent several years researching and crafting the perfect program designed specifically to overhaul your metabolism and transform your body through the proper nutritional regimen and a new technique called High Intensity Stimulation Training in just 45 days. Basically, what it does is bring your muscles to absolute failure by only working out for one hour a few days a week, and systemically your body will produce the proper hormones to create an anabolic hormonal environment within your body so that you build muscle and burn fat long after the exercise is over. That means you can spend your hours dring the day doing the things you love rather than spending it at the gym. You will look the best you have ever looked, you will feel energetic during the day, and your life will be completely revolutionized as a result, wanting to take on new endeavors that you never thought possible.


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So before we get into exactly what High Intensity Stimulation Training is, let's discuss the science behind getting a shredded physique. Guys and girls who grace the magazine covers take on two methodologies: training and nutrition. You must train to build muscle (there is no such thing as a toned either gain muscle or you don't) and you must eat just the right amount of calories and at the right amount of times to keep the bodyfat off. It's a very simple concept, but the approach often gets misinterpreted by "fitness experts", magazines, and internet sites. So let's break this down for you really simple.



45 days. Change your life.


How do you build muscle and get ripped? Let's break it down in three principles:

1) Working out with the proper methodology;

2) Proper nutrition based upon your body type and your goals;

3) Recovery to adequately repair your muscle tissue and central nervous system.

These three principles are not rocket science, yet how many guys do you know at your school, at your gym, in your office that have 6 pack abs and the body that you envy? Somehow 99% of the population who trains and eats 'right' are completely wrong in their approach. Magazines and internet sites have completely brain washed you to think that what they preach is the answer to it all. I'm sure you've noticed the gimmick. You've followed the routine and you're still lifting the same dumbbells on the incline press for the same number of reps week in and week out, and you notice absolutely no difference in your body composition from month to month.

You must understand that slowly and gradually these over the counter magazines and internet sites have followed the principle that more is better and when they're giving you more sets and more reps to do during their workouts, it seems as though they are giving you more information and better quality. More information, yes, but the information is completely misguided. The workout programs and plans you've been introduced to your entire life are those. You are natural. You are not a cheater and you are in this for longevity and to feel good and not have kidney and liver problems down the road.

Less is more when it comes to working out in terms of frequency and study after study has proven that if you work out with weights for any longer than 1 hour, your testosterone levels completely dissipate. Work out too long in one session and go to the gym too frequently during the week, and your body is never stimulated for growth. You will actually LOSE MUSCLE MASS by training too much. When you lose muscle mass, your body burns calories at a slower rate and you look less ripped.

Get in the gym, train hard, and get the hell out of there. Do not waste your time in the gym for hours on end. With the proper nutrition and the proper amount of sleep (at least 8 hours), that stimulation will trigger a hormone release long after you workout. You build muscle outside the gym not inside the gym and the holy grail of achieving the body of your dreams starts with creating the proper anabolic hormone through the production and release of natural growth hormone and testosterone. We have an opportunity to produce more of these hormones while in the gym by training very hard. However, it is very important to understand what I mean by training hard in the gym. In order for muscle to grow, the following needs to be executed:

- The Stress Must Be Specific and Above Your Threshold

- The Stress Must Be With Heavy Enough Weights That Stimulate Your Central Nervous System

- The Stress Must Be Progressive Overload, Meaning You Are Doing More Than Your Previous Session

- The Stress Must Be Intense

Intensity is what the answer is to all your muscle building and fat loss goals. Haven't you noticed the fat guy at your gym who is always on the treadmill and eats a salad. Why can't he lose weight? First he's eating wrong, which I'll get into in just a moment, but the workouts he performs are not anywhere close to an intense nature. Running on a treadmill at a steady rate is not only counterproductive to your goals in terms of fat burning, but it actually burns muscular tissue. The less muscle you have on your body, the slower your basal metabolic rate, and the less fat you will burn outside of your exercise routine. If you are serious about getting a ripped body, then you NEED to build muscle.

Activating your fast twitch muscle fibers and going as intense as possible during your workouts by going to failure is what provides you with the results you are seeking for. But how exactly do we go about achieving intensity? Intensity, in the sense of the word that I'm referring to, means contracting every muscle fiber in a specific body part to the point of failure. By reaching failure, you exhaust the muscle to the point of stimulation for it to grow.

So, how do you reach failure? Many people think that failure means the point that you cannot complete another rep for the weight you have in your hands. For instance, if you have 225 pounds on the barbell bench press and you can't get it up for #6, people constitute failure as being rep #5. Nevertheless, this is not failure. That, I would constitute as mental failure.

After you complete 5 reps of 225 pounds, you can probably do another rep of 215 pounds, and then after that, 200 pounds for another couple of reps, and then 190 pounds, etc. all the way down the line. So, theoretically, failure actually occurs at the point when you cannot do one more rep of one pound for that particular body part. Now, if you can envision this properly, then you'd understand how incredibly intense of a set this is. Basically you would have to perform dozens of sets consisting of your One Rep Max (1RM- or the most amount of weight performing only one rep with perfect form) directly after another. Now, there is no machine that can do this for you, so you have to be actively thinking throughout your sets of trying to achieve this type of intensity. This is the theory of failure, and you can achieve it by implementing the philosophies preached in MP45 called High Intensity Stimulation Training.

Most gym-goers (even the advanced ones) approach training the completely wrong way
, thinking they go intense, but never actually doing so. Intensity in this realm is an entirely new way of thinking than what you are used to. Have you ever looked at a sprinter compared to a marathon runner?

The sprinter obviously has the physique you are looking for, and it's the idea of intensity that provides that difference in the two body types. Volume trainees are the marathon runners, going for long periods of time in the gym using minimal weight throughout their routine for a longer period of time. The intensity training guys are the sprinters, compacting an incredibly intense session in a shorter period of time.

So, what are the workouts that H.I.S.T. preaches that gives such good results? H.I.S.T. is a new form of training that combines Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training and elite athlete training to create the ultimate lifting and cardiovascular program. Not only will it build muscle mass, but it will torch fat cells in the process. Don't you notice several people that you know who religiously walk miles and miles a day, yet they are far from in-shape? I know countless individuals who spend hours exercising, yet they actually walk around with slabs of fat. These individuals burn a ton of calories while exercising, yet their bodies do not develop into a finely tuned machine capable of burning calories long after the exercise is over. Remember the sprinter? The distance he covers during his exercise sessions is extremely short, yet he has what many would refer to as the perfect body because he has reached this idea of complete failure both on the track and in the gym when lifting weights.



45 days. Change your life.


The only way to achieve this intensity, that I keep preaching over and over again, is if we use heavy enough weights, while using proper form, and go all out while we are performing them. The well-known "all or nothing" principle of muscular-fiber function states that individual muscle-fibers perform work by contracting, by reducing their length, and that they are incapable of performing various degrees of work; that is to say, they are either working as hard as possible, or not at all. When a light movement is performed, it does not involve a slight effort on the part of a large number of muscular fibers; instead, only the exact number of fibers that are required to perform that particular movement will be involved at all, and they will be working to the limit of their momentary ability. The other, nonworking fibers may get pushed, pulled, or moved about by the movement, but they will contribute absolutely nothing to the work being performed. This is why steady pace cardio exercise does not build muscle. Muscle increases your metabolic process and burns fat. If you want to lose fat, and keep it off, you have to develop muscle.

Some unscientific minds would like to think that when a muscle is fully contracted all of the muscle fibers contract at the same time. Although a fully contracted muscle requires all of the muscle fibers to shorten at the same time, it does not follow that even at full contraction under a light load; all of the muscle fibers will be involved in the work. It is scientifically proven that only the muscle fibers required to meet the load will be called into action. This is great for body movement, not so great for muscular development.

Thus, in order to involve 100% of the fibers in a particular movement, two conditions are required:

1) The muscle (and its related body part) must be in a position of full contraction; AND

2) A heavy enough load must be imposed in that position

In order to build muscle, we need to be as intense as possible and attack our muscles by providing it with progressive overload, which is presenting your body with a stimulus it has never experienced before so it can adapt and grow. However, hoisting weights up for the sake of itself is not going to do you any good. Form is important and what we specifically need to achieve in the gym is called the pump (scientifically called hyperemia), which will infiltrate our muscles with the proper blood and nutrients to trigger the proper stimulus for it to grow. You need to achieve this pump every time you train, which is often a result of your diet and your intensity, but more importantly you need to present your muscles with the idea of complete failure at maximal loads in order to experience hypertrophy (muscle growth). Your definition and my definition of failure, however, are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Reaching failure is a specific art that requires all-out intensity sets as described in MP45.

It is not your genetics that are holding you back. If your progress has halted it is because you have reached a plateau. If you want to bust through your plateau, then you need to implement the principles of H.I.S.T. It's not enough to add variance by changing your rep schemes or the types of exercises you do. You need to go to complete failure like a sprinter and then rest the bodypart you've exposed adequately enough to repair it to grow back stronger. This takes more time than you think.

Powerlifters take a very similar approach to my philosophy. If you look at powerlifters, their method of training allows them to get stronger every single week. Their sole purpose is to increase the poundages that they can handle and that means dealing with maximal weights, mainly in the rep range of 4-6 reps through each of their sets. Most professional 200 pound powerlifters, who do not partake in performance enhancing drugs, can lift more weight than the 300 pound bodybuilders who are at significantly lower body fat percentages. Most people who lift regularly very rarely increase their strength week to week, yet powerlifters do it on a week-to-week basis. How?

The concept of going to failure and using weights heavy enough during the process works to help you grow stronger without the use of performance enhancing drugs. A lot of professional bodybuilders perform volume training, but when you have anabolic steroids doing a large portion of the work for you outside of the gym, practically the slightest form of stimulation will work. High Intensity Stimulation Training will help with muscular development naturally.

It is true that most powerlifters that you are thinking of don't have the bodies of a sprinter. Nevertheless, there is a recognizable difference here that creates the difference in physique between powerlifters and sprinters: Body fat percentage. Powerlifters have just as much muscle mass as their counterparts. However, A) Their diet is not conducive to staying lean, and B) Their training consists of intense sets, but not intense workout sessions.

Yet, if you really search within the powerlifting community, the really great ones develop more muscle mass than natural bodybuilders ever could with their typical form of volume training.

Nevertheless, High Intensity Stimulation Training does not replicate that of a powerlifter or a sprinter. It takes the best of both worlds and replicates a modification of a sprinter/powerlifter's intensity workout and a high intense workout period together in one to provide awe-inspiring results in the shortest period of time to build strength and power while getting you ripped in the process.

It's not about how long you exercise for, but what you are doing in the gym that is particularly important. Scientifically, you cannot go intense for a long period of time. Intense sessions inherently are short and that is why every workout under this HIST philosophy is under an hour. Many people also fall into the trap of going to the gym 6-7 days a week, taxing their organs and central nervous system heavily in the process, without realizing that those areas need adequate rest as well.

Think of exercise as a drug. When you take medicine, they give you the MED (Minimum Effective Dose); nothing more or less than you need for the best result. Anyone who takes more or less will suffer in one way or the other. It is the same thing with muscular development. You need to just do only what is required and nothing more. The bodybuilding magazines that preach spending several hours in the gym are tailoring their program to a select few individuals who take drugs to help stimulate their development. This will eventually cause them illness. It is counter intuitive to believe that more is better. Without the drugs, these super bodybuilders would make minimal to no gains because their muscles are overtrained and have no ability to recover naturally. Just take a peek at what happens when they stop the steroid cycle. Their muscle mass completely diminishes at rapid rates and they gain tremendous amounts of body fat.

So what's the formula? Work out to maximum intensity with as much weight as possible (without hurting yourself) for a short burst and go home. Come back to the gym only when you are fully recovered. That is it! You will make gains you never dreamed of.

MP45 details every bit of training you should do for all 45 days to produce awe-inspiring results. We include the number of sets, reps, exercises, cardio workouts, etc. All you need to do is work out a few days a week, and only an hour per each session, and follow exactly what is in the plan. You will always have at least one day off of the gym per week to do whatever you want and you will be amazed at the results that you will see.

Moving on, while training is very important, your main focus towards getting an the body of your dreams is going to be through nutrition and creating the proper hormonal environment within your body. While training is important to build muscle and burn some fat, if you don't prime the body for fat burning and muscle building through appropriate nutrition at the opportune times during the day, you'll look like you don't train at all. You ever see the guy at the gym who works out for hours on end, but looks like he never trained a day in his life? It's because he hasn't primed his body to be set in an anabolic (muscle promotion) environment. Nutrition has the ability to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Have you ever started a fire before? Your body is exactly like a furnace. If you don't put enough wood (nutrition) in the fire will go out, and if you smother the fire with too much wood, it will also go out. We want to keep the fire stoked so you are burning calories ALL DAY LONG.

Muscle is exposed once the adipose tissue is removed, which these nutritional principles will do! You have a 6 pack hidden under subcataneous tissue. All you need to do is remove the fat! Proper nutrition will do thatin no time at all! Nutrition plays that big of a factor! No wonder the expression you are what you eat still sticks today. Therefore, what you put into your body is going to equate to exactly how you look. A lean physique always starts with nutrition!

There is a distinct difference between the two term nutrition and diet when it comes to a health and fitness program. Diet is generally used as a short-term phrase, while nutrition is a long-term commitment. While you may shed a few quick pounds off of a diet, you will find yourself deviating from it in no time at all and thus, creating the improper hormonal balance required to shed body fat and keep the body fat off for an extended period of time. Diets are fads, that when applied, result in disaster due to the fact that they are impossible to maintain in the long run. The biggest misconception out there is that the only way to lose weight is to severely cut calories; hence, why these liquid diets and no-carb diets are so rampant. However, not only are these sacrifices so harmful to your health, buy they are so inconsistent with the goals you are trying to achieve. Constantly restricting your calorie intake can actually slow your metabolism and thus, slow down weight loss. Furthermore, it will create the improper hormonal balance where you will decrease your testosterone levels (a beneficial hormone that aids in building muscle and burning fat) and increase your cortisol levels (a stress-induced negative hormone that eats away at precious muscle tissue and puts on unwanted body fat).

MP45 is all about getting leaner, stronger, faster, more mobile, more agile and more explosive all in just 45 days. Thereafter, your appearance and personality will be changed forever. I can promise you, your life will be changed. That's an investment even Warren Buffett wouldn't turn down.

These are guaranteed results proven methodology backed by individuals just like you who now are reaping the rewards with amazing bodies to show off for it. In 6 weeks that can be you!

If you follow what is outlined in this program for just 45 days, your body will transform towards one you have always dreamed of. Furthermore, after these 45 days are over, you'll continue with the same desire and passion that you started with on day one. The body of your dreams is at your fingertips!!!

This is a proven science used by athletes, models, and celebrities!

My name is Jaret Grossman (pictured below). I am the developer of High Intensity Stimulation Training and wrote the MP45 program after using philosophies that made me into a 3x All-American collegiate wrestler. During my beginning years of training, I tried and experimented with every program out there until I developed my own philosophy that allowed me to make strength gains every single week. Now I am sharing that information with you. I am not afraid to pose with my shirt off like a bunch of other program creators, because I know my philosophy works. I currently weigh 202 pounds, and am completely all-natural. I have never touched an anabolic hormone in my life and I do not take creatine or testosterone boosters that many in the fitness community resort to. I am in this for longevity, but I have found a way of training and nutrition that does not consume too much of my time and allows me to have 6% body fat all year round. However, since my training revolved around me being a premiere athlete I couldn't just be lean, I need to be as strong as possible for my weight. I have a max squat of 490 pounds, a bench press of 320 pounds, and a deadlift of 570 pounds. I have performed incredible feats such as squatting 325 pounds for 21 reps and 148 pounds for 104 reps, all while being able to run a 5:10 minute mile and do over 250 consecutive push-ups and 40 pull-ups without a break.

Creator of MP45  - Jaret Grossman

Before I implemented HIST into my training regimen, I was a scrawny 98 pound boy who couldn't gain any muscle for the life of me no matter how much I trained. When I learned the philosophies of going to complete failure and then resting adequately, I was making gains that I never thought were possible. And the greatest thing about HIST is that regardless of your goals, it works. If you are the ectomorph with a hypersensitive nervous system that burns calories at rapid speeds and has a very hard time putting on muscle, then HIST will teach you the training and nutritional principles that will help you put on muscle mass at lightning speeds while staying lean. I am living proof of that. If you are the endomorph who is insulin sensitive and converts carbs into fat quicker, then HIST will employ tactics you've never heard of or seen before that will transform your body to turn it into a fat burning machine. 

No more time spending 3 hours in the gym and being frustrated with the results of your appearance. No more time spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on diets and workout gadgets. The first step in changing your life starts with making a decision. So 45 days from now what will you have wished you did today?

Regardless of the physical transformations that H.I.S.T. training provides, there is no better program on the market that improves an athlete both mentally and physically.

45 days. Change your life.



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