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Home Training Training With ROCK The 5x5 FST-7 Arms Blasting Routine

The 5x5 FST-7 Arms Blasting Routine

The 5x5 FST-7 Arms Blasting Routine


Welcome back. Hope these workouts have been helping you out. I know there is some anticipation for this one so let't get right into it. Old school meets new school with the 5 sets of 5 and FST-7 training systems and now we are going to blast some guns.

We are going to throw a twist into this one. We are also going to do supersets. Two exercises back to back without rest for those of you new to training. We will use exercises that train opposite muscle groups; in this case bis and tris. In the following routine we are going to assume the biceps are the weaker muscle group so we will do bis followed by tris. If your triceps are your weaker muscle group, then switch it so tris are first. 



Superset 1: Barbell Curl and Close Grip Bench Press - 5 sets of 5 reps each. 2 minutes rest between supersets.

After warming up, take a bar and load it with enough weight that you should get 5-6 reps. Take it to the bench where a second barbell should be on it with enough weight for you to close grip bench 5-6 reps. Perform the curls with strict form until you get 5 reps. Place the bar down and get on the bench. Grab the barbell on the bench with a grip that is a little closer than shoulder width. Do NOT place your hand together on the bar or any closer than recommended because it places more stress on the wrists and elbows which you do not want. Perform the presses under control and do NOT bounce it off your chest. When you finish the reps, take a 2 minute break and repeat until you get all 5 rounds in. 





Superset 2: Standing Dumbbell Curls and Rope Pressdowns - 7 sets of 10-12 reps each. 30 seconds rest between sets.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and bring them to a cable station so you can keep them with you and no one takes them while you are not using them. Start with the curls and do not swing them up. You can do them at the same time or alternate. That is up to you. The moment you get the last rep, start on the pressdowns. Spread the rope apart at the bottom so you can place extra stress on the outer head of the tricep. No more than 30 sec. rest between supersets and then keep going. If you get all 7 sets for 12 reps, go heavier next time. 



This shouldn't take you too long but it is effective. You got the power, size, pump, and endurance with the supersets. This is all around a great routine. Enjoy the pain and suffering because it means the arms are going to get huge!

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