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Home Training Living in Fitness The 5 Best Ways to Get in Shape Without Spending a Penny

The 5 Best Ways to Get in Shape Without Spending a Penny

The 5 Best Ways to Get in Shape Without Spending a Penny


These are the 5 best of the best exercises that can be done without even a single weight to build muscle, stamina, and burn loads of calories in a short amount of time. If you have 20 minutes you can perform an incredible "prison cell" workout with the following bodyweight exercises.


  1. The pushup: The pushup is the most versatile chest exercise there is. With a multitude of widths, angles, and speeds, you can get in as good a workout as any for the chest, triceps, and shoulders. There are probably one hundred different ways to do the pushup: slow, explosively, plyometrically, close grip, wide grip, one arm, one leg up, moving pushups, and V pushups to really hit the shoulders. Who ever says you need to bench press for a well developed chest is a liar and I'm calling you out.
  2. The bodyweight squat: The bodyweight squat, while normally just an excellent conditioning, endurance, or warmup tool, can actually be a killer leg workout all on its own if you get just a little creative. Try squat jacks, jump squats, extremely slow squats and 180 degree squat'll be surprised how hard it is to walk the next day, and how firm and tight your thighs and butt become in a very short amount of time. Each one of these exercises burns a boat load of calories as well and increases your vertical leap, running speed, and agility.
  3. Pullups can be done on a sturdy bar, some rope or a towel over a beam, a pullup bar, or even a tree branch. There is no better exercise for building a sexy v-taper than the classic pullup. Once again, there are TONS of ways to do pullups: from chinups, wide grip, clap pullups, to isometric holds: there are plenty of ways to use this exercise and keep it fresh while seeing massive results week by week. If you cannot perform a full pullup, get a chair and perform them with assistance from your legs.
  4. Planks: NEVER DO ANOTHER CRUNCH IN YOUR LIFE!!! Crunches are by far the most dangerous and least effective ab exercise there is, PERIOD. If you want a ripped six pack, all you need is the plank. Try side planks, low planks, high planks, alternating planks, planks with legs raised to get in a complete workout that strengthens and tones the entire core....something that the feeble and useless abdominal crunch will never claim.
  5. The ALMIGHTY BURPEE!: The burpee is the single most effective bodyweight exercise known to man. If you have never done one before: thrust back into plank do a pushup, jump in tucking your knees, stand up and jump as high as you can... repeat many times....cry for your mommy. You can get in a full body workout with this single exercise alone, but it is most effective as part of a circuit with the other 4 exercises.


Try this incredible MMA style bodyweight circuit for the best workout you've ever had without a weight.

  1. Close-grip pushups: 20 reps
  2. Jump Squats: 20 reps
  3. Wide-grip pullups: 10 reps
  4. Low plank: 30 seconds
  5. Burpee: 10 reps


Resting between sets is optional. Keep it less than 60 seconds. Rest 3 minutes in between circuits. Perform 3-5 circuits. Have fun! Use that money you saved to treat deserve it after this workout.



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