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The 3 Most Important Elements Of Powerlifting Training

The 3 Most Important Elements Of Powerlifting Training

Whether you are planning to compete in powerlifting, or if you are more interested in bodybuilding-type training, you should be implementing many principles of powerlifting training. As the most successful muscle-builders know, the only way to make lasting muscle gains is to get much, much stronger. Here are the 3 best tips for powerlifting training:

1. Learn To Arch Your Lower Back

If you have learned to squat in the powerlifting style, or if you have had an experience squatter teach you, you may have learned how to effectively arch your lower back. This arched position gives you a strong, stable base and allows you to lift more weight.

However, the lower back arch is extremely useful in all other areas of powerlifting training. This strong, arched position is one that can benefit you in other movements, such as the bench press, deadlift, and even accessory movements such as rows.

Practice arching your lower back when you squat and deadlift to achieve tighter form and greater strength. Also, arch your lower back hard when training the bench press. This arch cuts down on your range of motion, makes your whole body more stable on the bench, and ultimately makes you much stronger.

2. Train Your Upper Back Hard

One of the most important elements of powerlifting training is hitting all of your back muscles, often with even greater intensity than you give the front of your body. These muscles, though not often seen in the mirror, provide your body with almost all of its power and strength.

One of the most important elements of back work for powerlifting training is working the upper back. This includes the lats, rhomboids, and traps. You must constantly work on getting stronger at various types of rows, pull-ups, shrugs, dumbbell raises, and face pulls.

This work will pay enormous dividends. Your upper back is the shelf upon which the bar sits when you squat, the base of the press in the bench press, and one of the most important movers in the deadlift. I have found that when my upper back is improving, so are my lifts.

3. Focus On Your Triceps

If you want to be truly strong not just at bench pressing, but at any type of pressing movement, you must have the biggest triceps possible. Though the chest and shoulders are often considered the "pretty" muscles that everyone wants to work on, the triceps are the most important upper body muscle group for powerlifting training.

To train your triceps optimally, do a wide variety of exercises, and do them often. This includes not just traditional bodybuilding exercises such as skull crushers, cable extensions, and kickbacks, but heavy movements like close-grip bench presses, board presses, and pin presses.

Talk To Powerlifters!

I have found that the most effective way to learn more about powerlifting is to go to powerlifting gyms and talk to powerlifters! You should also talk to bodybuilders, go to competitions, and most importantly, keep reading everything you can find online.

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