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Sylvester Stallone Workout

Sylvester Stallone Workout


Even at 62 years old, Sylvester Stallone is killing it with his award winning body and has a workout routine to show for it. Stallone has always been known for his prominent muscular physique throughout his career, but went through many fluctuations along the way, looking more ripped in certain films than others. For Rocky III, Stallone cut his weight even further. He dieted down to 155 lbs. by eating 10 egg whites, a piece of toast, and an occasional piece of fruit each day. After he reached this incredibly lean weight, he built up pure muscle mass until he reached 175 lbs. His workouts to get down to 155 were even more extreme. He started the day with a 2 mile run, did 18 rounds of sparring, and 2 hours of weight lifting and jumping rope. He would run again later in the afternoon. During this transformation he cut his bodyfat to 4.5% during filming. Even when he wasn't filming he walked around at under 6% body fat with 18 inch arms and a 50 inch chest at 180 lbs. 



You can see that Stallone has kept himself in incredible shape throughout the years. On the left is Stallone during his earlier
years and on the right is during his present years. His body is more detailed than most; you can see the veins throughout his entire


The pinnacle of his bodybuilding days was Rocky IV as shown above on the left (the right picture is what he looked like training for the Expendables at 60 years old), where he came in with his absolute best physique.

He also made sure his diet routine is perfect. His macronutrients are developed specifically for the role he is playing and whether he has to gain more muscle mass (where he ramps up his protein intake) or cut his pounds. Stallone will eat highly restrictive diets to lose extreme amounts of weight using vegetarian diets.

Our take: This man is a straight beast. He's in his 60s and he looks amazing. Stallone puts such an emphasis on his cardiovascular conditioning and with good reason. Doing a lot of cardio keeps you lean and he was certainly one of the leanest actors in all of Hollywood. The fact that he was 180 lbs. with 18 inch arms, a 50 inch chest and under 6% body fat is astounding. That's similar statistics to a professional bodybuilder. The man could've probably competed with the best of them!



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