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Home Health & Lifestyle Health & Fitness News Supplement Companies under Attack by New FDA Rules and Proposed Bill

Supplement Companies under Attack by New FDA Rules and Proposed Bill

Supplement Companies under Attack by New FDA Rules and Proposed Bill

If the Federal Government has its way, a host of supplemental companies will go belly up if newly proposed legislation passes. The Feds last tried to hogtie the supplemental industry in 1994 by heavily regulating supplemental products, but the public put a stop to it. However, this time the industry is making a one-two punch that will be more difficult to stave off.

Senate Bill 1310

First of all, Senate Bill 1310 was introduced to congress a few weeks ago by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). This Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011 would burden the supplemental industry with costly and troublesome regulations. 

Since most companies in the industry are small to medium sized, a large number of them would be forced to go out of business. The surviving companies would increase product prices significantly to deal with the additional expense and many products which fitness circles have come to rely on would become difficult to find or even disappear with the closing of the manufacturers and distributors.

New FDA Supplement Guidelines

On another front, the FDA is proposing a new set of guidelines for dietary supplements which would further cripple the industry. They want to require an application for “New Dietary Ingredients” which must be submitted for any changes in serving sizes, any changes in ingredient manufacturing regardless of how small, any changes in how the product is marketed, and for every single product which is either manufactured or sold. This means that a single product, such as a weight gain supplement that contains multiple vitamins, minerals and other ingredients could easily rack up dozens of required NDI applications.

The kicker is that all NDI application would be required to be sent via snail mail since the FDA does not allow electronic submissions. Also, a company must submit an application even if that particular ingredient has already been approved for another company. What’s more, during the application approval process the product must be pulled from shelves for 75 days.

You can see why a host of small businesses would be forced to shut their doors. Even companies such as GNC, Eats Natural Foods, Whole Foods and other larger contenders might be knocked out of businesses since they deal in so many supplemental products and would be required to submit multiple thousands of applications. 

What You Can Do

The strange part is that dietary supplements pose practically no dangers to those taking them, with unregulated supplement deaths almost unheard of. On the contrary, FDA approved drugs doled out by pharmaceutical companies kill hundreds and even thousands of people every year.

If you are an avid supplement user and want to help keep the government out of your dietary supplement business, get involved by doing the following:

  • Send a comment to the FDA and let them know of your dissatisfaction with their proposed regulations on supplements. They have left open a comment period for 90 days whereby you can present your thoughts on the subject.

  • Sign this petition to Congress which has been created by the Alliance for Natural Health by visiting this link (

  • Call your state congressman and request that they vote NO on Senate Bill 1310 – The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011.

  • Learn more through researching “FDA supplement” in your Search Engine.

  • Spread the news! This kind of action was stopped in 1994 by an overwhelming public outcry to the regulation of healthy supplements. An even louder voice by the people needs to be heard due to the onslaught of both the Congress and the FDA in order to cease such nonsense. Share this article with everyone who is involved in selling health products and dietary supplements, or are simply concerned citizens who want to retain their own freedom over what supplements they choose to take.

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