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Home Training Build Muscle Superset Variations that Develop Rapid Muscle Mass and Definition

Superset Variations that Develop Rapid Muscle Mass and Definition

Superset Variations that Develop Rapid Muscle Mass and Definition


If you want to get your total body ripped in the fastest amount of time then putting together a weight training program that consists of supersets is the answer. Next time you go to the gym, pay attention to the exercises that the big boys with massive muscles are doing. Chances are, they are involved in performing supersets that quickly and dramatically develop greater muscle mass and definition.

Another benefit of executing supersets is their ability to burn extra calories due to producing greater increases in your body’s metabolism. The higher and more consistent you elevate your heart rate during a workout the higher the metabolism rises which continues to burn calories for several hours after the workout is complete. If you’re looking to get rid of that persistent belly fat, or just want to reduce your body fat further to achieve a more finely sculpted physique, again supersets are the go-to regimen in a strength training routine.

Supersets aren’t only great for building rapid muscle bulge and reducing pesky body fat, they are also excellent workouts for those who need to multitask. Because multiple exercises are completed one right after the other, you get the benefits of a maximum workout in a reduced amount of time.





Exactly What Are Supersets

Anyone who has spent much time at the gym or surfing through weight training information on the internet has probably come across the term superset. Some of you have already jumped into practicing supersets, but some of you may still be unclear about how they work exactly, or some may be beginners who are clueless as to what supersets are. 

For those who need a bit more info on supersets, they are exercises which are done back-to-back with very little (or no) rest period in between. Normally, supersets are done in pairs to workout antagonistic muscle groups (opposite muscles such as biceps and triceps). 

However, there are variations of superset exercises which can be alternated to really give your workout program a powerful punch. Consider the following:





Superset Variations

Antagonistic Superset – As mentioned above, antagonistic exercises target opposing muscles. This is a good superset to do because it gives time for the opposing (antagonist) muscle to rest while the other one is being worked. Therefore, when it’s chest day, tackle the bench press followed by bar bell bent rows with a minimal rest (no more than a minute) between them. Antagonistic exercises work wonders for building quick mass between opposite muscles.

Isolation Supersets
– Isolation exercises target one specific muscle and are great for building definition. Therefore, an example of a bicep isolation superset would be pumping out one arm cable curls followed immediately by concentration curls. Isolations are particularly good for building your weaker muscles.

Compound Supersets
– Compound exercises are used to work out a group of muscles. Therefore, when you do 2 sets of a very similar exercise on the same muscle group, it is called a compound superset. These are great for building and balancing all the muscles of a group since they get hit by two similar exercises one right after the other. A compound superset example would be doing a flat bench press followed immediately by an inclined bench press. 

Pre Exhaustion Supersets
– These supersets consist of 2 exercises which target the same muscle group only one is an isolation exercise which is followed by a compound exercise. For pre exhaustion supersets, you could slam a set of dumbbell flyes (isolation) immediately followed by a bench press (compound). The isolation exercise “pre exhausts” the main muscle and then, when the compound exercise is performed, the fresh muscles of the compound group assist the major muscle to do more work. These supersets provide both mass and definition.

Post Exhaustion Supersets
– This is the exact opposite of the pre exhaustion superset. For a post exhaustion workout, you begin with the compound exercise and then target the main muscle with an isolation exercise. Using this superset method allows you to tackle heavier weight on the first compound exercise (i.e. bench press) because all the muscles are fresh. You then hit the tired main muscle with an isolated workout (i.e. dumbbell flyes). These supersets provide both mass and definition.

Staggered Supersets
– These are achieved by performing an upper body exercise followed directly by a lower body exercise (or vice versa). Staggered supersets are great for targeting smaller muscles which you want to bulk up such as calves or delts because each group gets a good rest while the other is being worked.

Tri Supersets
– For maximum muscle fatigue, try tackling tri supersets. These consist of performing 3 exercises which all target the same muscle group. For instance, execute close grip pullovers then knock out laying triceps extensions followed immediately by a close grip bench press. Remember, the objective with supersets is to do them as close together as possible. Therefore, try to do each exercise one right after the other with absolute minimal rest in between. In order to complete tri supersets effectively, you may need a partner to assist you, or set up the exercises nearby with the required weights before beginning.





Get Insanely Ripped

For the best results, you should alternate between supersets after several weeks so that various muscles and muscle groups are worked out in different ways. If you incorporate supersets into your strength training program or bodybuilding workout routine, you will see noticeable results in a short amount of time.

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