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Steve Nash Workout

Steve Nash Workout


Steve Nash workout training routine includes a full-body workout three days a week in addition to shooting four or five days a week while playing competitive soccer two times a week. His workout and training is very core-focused. Working his core allows Nash, the 2X NBA MVP from the Phoenix Suns, to increase his abdominals and obliques while simultaneously helping his posture and boosting his lower back strength.  As Nash ages, he wants to add longevity to his career so working the core is a fundamental in doing this. When he weight trains, Nash performs high repetitions (15-25 reps), and finishes at fatigue.



Nash does some cable machines to bring some variation to his routine, 
especially when it comes to using his stabilizer muscles. This is great for
the core also. 




According to an interview from the NBA, Nash’s strength and conditioning coach Erik Phillips said of Nash’s training: “I could care less if Steve goes from benching 70-pound dumbbells to 45-pound dumbbells. That wouldn’t help him that much on the court because he’s already great.” The weight-training philosophy of the Suns training staff is to build the body up like a pyramid. The lowest block of the pyramid represents stability, the second block is strength and the third is power. Nash stays within the stabilization stage throughout the season and then focuses on the second and third blocks in the offseason.



Nash was featured on the "Got Milk" campiagn. 
He certainly knows how to live a healthy lifestyle
so he is a great example to use for this campaign.




Steve Nash’s Workout




Weight Room: Chest and Back


Sets: 2-3            


Reps: 12-20


Time: No rest between exercises, 90 second rest between sets


Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press on Stability Ball, Bosu Ball Push Up, Split-Stance Cable Fly, Bent over Dumbbell Row (While balancing with Single Leg on Bosu Ball ), Single Leg Dumbbell Cobra (While balancing with Single Leg on Bosu Ball), Roman Extension on Stability Ball (physical therapy-like ball)


Abdominals: Pick four Abdominal/Core Exercises


Cardio: 1 hour Skateboarding/Basketball







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Cardio: Skateboarding/Tennis/Basketball






Weight Room: Shoulders


Sets: 2-3


Reps: 12-20


Time: No rest between exercises, 90 second rest between sets


Exercises: Rotator Cuff Exercises on Cable (Flex, Internal Rotation, External Rotation), Shoulder Dumbbell Combo (Scaption, abduction) – 1.) Single-leg Balance on Bosu Ball Dumbbell Overhead Press – 2.) Single-leg Balance on Bosu Ball, Dumbbell Shrug to a Calf Raise, Cable PNF Patterns (type of resistance for stretching and strengthening)


Abdominals: Pick four Abdominal/Core Exercises


Cardio: 1-2 hours of Soccer






Cardio: Skateboarding/Tennis/Basketball





Weight Room: Biceps/Triceps


Sets: 2-3


Reps: 12-20


Time: No rest between exercises, 90 second rest between sets


Exercises: Dumbbell Bicep Curl (Single-leg Balance on Bosu Ball), Preacher Curl (Double-leg Balance on Bosu Ball), Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks on Stability Ball, Tricep Cable Pulldown

Pick four Abdominal/Core Exercises


Cardio: 1-2 Hours of Soccer





Nash does extremely low rest. Notice that he does 90 seconds of rest between sets and literally no rest between actual exercises. When you add 1-2 hours of cardiovascular exercise (like he does with basketball, skateboarding, soccer, etc.), Nash is probably burning thousands of calories during a full workout session. This may explain why he is so lean. He actually may be one of the thinner players in the NBA. This will only help with his speed in the long haul. In addition, Nash is one of the older players in the league but still plays at a consistently high level. His devotion to fitness is evident by his longevity.















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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:43
Written By : Richard Allen