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Home Training Living in Fitness Sprinting Burns Fat Faster Than Jogging

Sprinting Burns Fat Faster Than Jogging

Sprinting Burns Fat Faster Than Jogging


Fat loss can be achieved through so many ways. Exercise is one of the best ways to lose fat because it is a natural method and thus the side effects are minimal. Sprinting and jogging are two exercise that aid in weight loss. The two helps one to lose the excessive fat using different principles. Therefore at the end of the day, the two are bound to produce different results. Many people have argued that weight loss through sprinting is usually better than weight loss through jogging. If asked to choose, they would prefer sprinting because it is believed to be a more effective fat loss exercise. Below are some differences of the two methods.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Sprinting is preferred to be better because it facilitated not just weight loss but fat loss. Running burns off the excess calories that one has acquired from the previous meal. After these calories have been exhausted, the next thing is likely to is broken down during running exercise is the muscles. Lean muscle mass is used up to provide energy when running. Lean muscle mass is something that you gain back very quickly because it is usually formed with the diet that you take.

Sprinting on the other hand works facilitates the loss of fat without interfering with the lean muscle mass. Rather than using then lean muscle mass, sprinting ensures that the muscles are well built. This is because it stimulates the human growth hormones that help in building the muscle mass. It increases the metabolic rate thus ensuring that the body burns a lot of fat.

Fat Loss Through Running Takes Very Long

Experts have argued that the amount of fat you lose after running for two hours every day for a whole week is equal to the amount that you would lose if you did sprinting for 30 minutes for one day. Thus fat loss through running is too slow and thus it would not be advisable to rely on it to achieve your fat loss goals. The amount of fat that is burnt when running is too low and thus it would take a very long period of time for you to burn a significant amount of fat through running.

Running Makes Use of Fewer Muscles

To achieve good fat loss results, majority of the body muscles must be involved in the exercise that you are taking part in. Running usually makes use of the muscles of the legs and arms and thus it is not an effective method to lose fat. Sprinting on the other hand makes use of a wide range of muscles and thus making fat loss more effective. By using many muscles the metabolic rate is increased to a great extent thus boosting excessive fat loss.

You Get Tired Too Quickly When Running

When running one is likely to get tired and stop very quickly. This is because when running the body produces a lot of lactic acid that causes fatigue causing the body to tire very quickly. Thus it is very hard to achieve substantial fat loss from running bearing in mind that you need to run a very long distance to burn fat.

With sprinting the body is able to metabolize fat without accumulating a lot of lactic acid in the muscles. Thus you will not tire easily and as such you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals very fast.

Running is Sometimes Very Boring

The other reason why it is not possible to lose a lot of fat by running is because running can be a very boring exercise. To lose substantial amounts of fat you have to run for a very long distance which can be very boring especially if you are not an athlete. Thus with running you will find that you give up easily without achieving your goals. Sprinting is not that boring and thus it is possible to follow your exercise schedule until you have achieved the desired fat loss.

You are Exposed to So Many Risks When Running

While running you can fall, twist your arms, legs, damage your muscles and so many other things. Running for very long especially when you are not under an instructor can have a negative impact on your health. This is because the lactic acid that is accumulated in the muscles can have a negative impact especially when its levels are high. Loss of too much lean muscle is also not good for one’s health. With sprinting there isn’t much risk involved and thus you can achieve weight loss without harming your health.

The End Results

If you do sprinting, you will end up with an athletic, well toned and lean body. The bones will be of high density with adequate lean body mass. The fat percentage in the body will be very low and it will continue to decrease with time. Sprinters will actually appear to be of lower weigh than what their bodies actually weigh.

Runners, specifically those who are not exercising under instructions, are likely to end up with skinny bodies that have a very high fat content. Running will decrease the bone density and the lean body mass without causing a substantial increase in fat. Thus one will appear skinny as a result of the reduced bone density and muscle mass.

Thus sprinting is a better option compared to running when it comes to fat loss. However running is also an important exercise as it helps the body in so many ways. If you want to lose overall body weight you can consider using the two exercises. You can do a combination of several exercises to ensure that you lose weight well without causing any damage to your body. If you are not sure of how to alternate the exercises so as to achieve your weight loss or fat loss goals, you should consider asking the help of an expert. 





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