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Should You Have Sex Before a Workout?

Should You Have Sex Before a Workout?


Ah! The pressing question that curious bodybuilding minds want to know! Should you have sex or not have sex before your workout, that is the question. Many people involved in body sculpting, sports, or other forms of fitness programs usually end up wondering if having sex before a workout will hinder performance or the development of muscle mass. 

Locker room talk doesn’t do much to alleviate the questions since myths and opinions abound. Some will say that sex can be practiced as much as you like while others say it depletes testosterone stores and should be avoided at all costs. 

Let’s delve into the shadows of this seemingly elusive mystery of life and see what the experts have to say on the matter. Shedding a little daylight on the sex mystery will cause the gym, game field and bedroom to become a lot more enjoyable.




Human Sex Drive

First of all, the subject of one’s sex drive should be analyzed before moving into how sex affects workout performance. Sex is a natural occurrence, driven by a species’ desire to produce offspring. Luckily, humans can have sex for pleasure as well as for producing heirs to our life’s throne so we can seek it, partake of it and enjoy it as often as we like. 

One’s libido is regulated by the amounts of testosterone pulsing through the veins. If your testosterone levels are low, you won’t have much desire to hit the sack. However, if those horny hormones are surging through your body, you’ll be hot on the trail of beautiful tail! 

Since high testosterone levels are a direct result of intense exercise, weightlifting, sports and fitness routines, it stands to reason that your sex drive will increase if you regularly participate in any of these activities.




The Impact of Sex on Workouts

One of the biggest fears of bodybuilders and athletes is that sex before a workout will hinder performance due to the belief that sex diminishes testosterone levels. Many athletes go without sex for days or even weeks because of this belief. They specifically believe that sex clouds the minds, reduces reaction time and blocks the building of muscle mass.

However, studies reveal that this belief is, in actually, myth. Once such study conducted by the “Sports Science” show on FSN set out to determine once and for all if sex decreased testosterone levels and affected workout programs. 

The producers of “Sports Science” employed the help of heavyweight boxing champion Chris Byrd who was asked to knock off the naughty act for a full week before having his performance tested. Punching power, leg strength and blood tests for testosterone levels were all recorded. He then was given the green light to have sex multiple times with his wife and return for after-sex performance testing. 





The results showed that his cardio stayed constant both when celibate and just following sex, but the power of his punch as well as his leg strength improved. Also, the study revealed that Byrd’s testosterone levels actually increased by more than 20% after he partook of the bodacious booty.

Therefore, according to this study, athletic performance is actually enhanced by pre-workout sex. By basking in a session of sensual sex before an intense workout, game or other athletic performance, you increase your testosterone levels and maintain the same, if not better, performance.

There is, however, one word of caution to consider. Having sex too close to workout time may hinder training performance. The reason is that it can cause fatigue, especially if your romp was wild and wooly! If you plan on having pre-workout sex, give yourself plenty of time to recoup your energy through healthy foods and rest before heading off to complete your exercise program.




The Impact of Exercise on Sex

We’ve seen how sex before exercise can increase performance and the development of muscle mass due to its raising of testosterone levels. However, we should also consider the opposite side of the coin, namely: how does exercise affect sex? 

Exercise improves sex because it increases your strength, stamina and flexibility, making those romps longer and more interesting. Intense workouts also keep you looking good and will help attract sexy partners. Therefore, keeping in tip-top shape will increase the pleasure of your sex life which, in turn, will keep you happy and going to the gym!




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