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Home Training Amer the Hammer Workout of the Day Workout of the Week- Get Boulders for Shoulders!

Workout of the Week- Get Boulders for Shoulders!

Workout of the Week- Get Boulders for Shoulders!



Here is an example of a workout routine to perform to get ripped up: 


Get boulders for shoulders with this incredible shoulder workout that will exhaust and stimulate each head of the deltoid for massive shoulder development. This workout consists of 8 different exercises that will torch the fibers in your shoulder and will take you out of your plateau and send your deltoids into a new growth phase.

Shoulders have the ability to give you that V-frame. You want wide shoulders and a small waist. Wider shoulders will give your waist the appearance of being even slimmer. This routine consists of 8 unique shoulder exercises that will target a ton of stimulation and muscle growth in each deltoid head. Get ready to get the shoulders you always dreamed of!

1) DB Front Raises

2) DB Side Lateral Raises

3) DB Arnold Press

4) Military Machine Press

5) Leaning Side DB Lateral Raises

6) Front Raises

7) DB Shrugs

8) Bent Over Rear Delt Raises




Check back daily for Amer the Hammer's Workout of the Week and Meal Plan of the Week on the home page of to help you get the best body of your dreams. Amer is a premiere fitness model and personal trainer that has helped hundreds of clients go from fat to contest ready in as little as a few weeks. Amer can help you with all of your needs including fat loss, body toning, muscle building, and pain management.


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