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Sebastian Telfair Workout

Sebastian Telfair Workout


The current Phoenix Suns’ point guard, and the first player drafted straight from high school to the NBA standing under six feet, Sebastian Telfair had a lot to prove when entering the NBA. Eight years later, and still one of the hardest working point guards in the game, Telfair maintains an edge on bigger opponents with a combination of speed and agility. His training program reflects this desire for quickness, and has transgressed onto the basketball court.

Telfair’s workout is a combination of weight training and speed exercises that allow him to make strides both in strength and coordination. A workout that Telfair engages in is known as the T-Drill. In the T-Drill, Telfair starts under the hoop and sprints at full speed to the center of the free-throw line. Once here, he stops quickly, plants his feet, and shuffles to one elbow of the line. When he reaches the elbow, he plants, and quickly changes direction, horizontally shuffling to the opposite elbow. After he reaches the elbow, he shuffles back toward the center of the free-throw line, then backpedals to his starting position under the hoop. Telfair performs three sets of five reps of this drill with 15 seconds between each rep and a minute between each set. This drill is beneficial to the point guard due to the quick shifting in directions, and the incorporation of multi-directional movement. The faster Telfair can learn to stop on a dime and change direction, the faster he will be able to stop an opponent on their way to the hoop.

Telfair follows a series of sprint workouts, but definitely does not neglect weight training. As a basketball player, he knows he needs that explosive power in his jumps and lunges. Thankfully, he can get that power from weight training. In the one-leg Bulgarian squat, Telfair holds two dumbbells - one in each hand. Balancing on one foot, he will rest the other foot on a flat bench behind him. With his chest forward, and his knee bent parallel to the ground, Telfair lowers his back knee to the ground, then raises it. Making sure to keep his front knee bent at a position over his ankle, Telfair repeats this exercise for three sets of ten reps in each leg with a minute to a minute and a half for rest between sets. This is a great exercise for simulating jump explosion in games. Basketball players are constantly lunging off of one foot - whether to make a layup, stop a defender, or throw down a dunk. This exercise primarily works the quadriceps and the glutes.







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Basketball players, especially point guards, should definitely not forget to train their core muscles. Constantly changing direction and passing and receiving across the body creates a lot of wear and tear for the athletes. To work his core, Telfair favors the Physioball (Yoga ball). In the Physioball lift superset with crunches exercise, Telfair lies flat on his back with the Yoga ball sandwiched between his feet and his arms raised over his head. Lifting his shoulders off the ground as he lifts the ball with his feet, Telfair grabs the ball and touches it behind him as his feet land back on the ground. For his reps, he will return the ball to his feet and continue the pattern. For the crunches aspect of this workout, Telfair will lie on his back, extend the Yoga ball in his hands above his chest, and lift his shoulders from the ground and perform a standard crunch. Telfair will perform three sets of this superset routine with 20 Yoga ball lifts followed by 25 crunches. He will take a minute to minute and a half rest between full supersets. By utilizing the Yoga ball in his routine, Telfair not only builds strong core muscles, but he also works on stabilization of his lower back as well.

In this video, you can see how explosive and quick Telfair is in his movements. Both his drives toward the hoop and his dribbling around the court are all reflective of his off-court desire to get faster, stronger, and more agile from his workouts.




NOTE: This is only part of Sebastian Telfair's workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine











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Date Published : 2012-07-16 14:05:26
Written By : Scott Wordsman