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Scientific Benefits of Sprinting

Scientific Benefits of Sprinting


Below is a feature of myself discussing the benefits of sprinting as opposed to steady state cardio. When we do cardio, we want to shed fat, but we don't want to lose muscle tissue in the process. Therefore, our cardio needs to preserve muscle mass yet shred fat, so that means we need to do anaerobic exercises and explosive movements, which almost always encourage muscular growth. 

There a wide ranging number of positive effects that your body experiences when you present it with high intensity cardio such as in the form of sprinting. Here are the 5 that are discussed in the video below:

EPOC- Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption

Undergoing of Metabolic Adaptations

Increase Phosphate Metabolism

Improve the Glycolysis System

Improve Intramuscular Buffering Capacity

Take a look below to see me go into more detail and in-depth regarding these effects and a type of workout you can do to preserve muscle mass and get lean. In the video I demonstrate an example of a sprint workout that you can perform including a proper warm-up to prevent injury.


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