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Sarah Lind Interview

Sarah Lind Interview

MP: It's rather unusual for a female to take fitness so seriously as you do. How did you get into training Sarah?

Sarah: My brothers and my parents were very athletic, which definitely rubbed off on me. From doing "sporty" activities since I was a young child, I developed a very competitive attitude in which I always strived to be the best at anything I did. Sports were a great outlet for my energy so I took up swimming. I became very close with my teammates and they became a second family, (as I became part of theirs as well). The gym and pool became a second home to me. With lots of practice, I soon excelled in the sport in which I became an All-American and a Division I Collegiate Athlete. When I got injured and was told to stop swimming, I continued to stay active and stay lean by going to the gym.


MP: How did you get into being a figure girl and doing competitions?

Sarah: I previously dated a professional bodybuilder who introduced me into training as a sport and he encouraged me to put my effort towards becoming a figure girl. As of last June, I competed in my first show and I absolutely loved it. The next few start up around April!


MP: How many days a week do you workout?

Sarah: I workout 5-6 days per week.  Schoolwork gets in the way sometimes, but like most people who are dedicated in something, I try to get to the gym every day. If I can't make it, I train even harder on the next day to make up for missing a day.


MP: Where do you get your motivation to continue to train even after you've achieved what most people would consider a perfect body?

Sarah: For me, it is always about continually improving. Others may call it  "perfect", but I see things I can improve upon; and whether it's in training or anything else in life, you've got to listen to yourself. and not others. People tell me all the time that I am "too dedicated" or "enough is enough" but I enjoy this kind of lifestyle and see the rewards that come with fitness, both physically and mentally.


MP: A lot of people say to themselves they want to go to the gym but they make it out to be like rocket science on how to lose weight or get fit. Can you tell them how easy it really is?

Sarah: Well what I first did was some research. I picked up some books on training specifically for women and general books on nutrition. There is so much information on this stuff. Use it to your advantage. This site has a lot of wonderful information on beginner training and nutrition. Do the research and then go into trial-and-error mode, where you do things for yourself and see how your body responds to certain things.


MP: What is your advice to a woman who has never lifted weights before but should be doing so?

Sarah: Not to be afraid to lift heavy but to always watch their form to prevent an injury.


MP: Your abs are absolutely incredible for a girl. How do you stay so fit all year round and get your bodyfat so low during competition?

Sarah: It definitely comes with my diet. I try to eat  lots of vegetables, and lean meat, and a lot of fiber from whole grains. The most success comes from eating small meals throughout the day and avoiding snacks and binging. While being young and in college, it's hard to avoid the drinking scene, but I try not to consume alcohol.


MP: What has made you into such a wonderful person?

Sarah:  I firmly believe in a healthy lifestyle. It has taught me so much about life in terms of battling through adversity. I also try to surround myself with people who understand where I am heading and why I am doing what I want to do.


MP: What are your future goals?

Sarah: I would like to be the first deaf Figure professional. I believe this would break a barrier for other deaf athletes out there and will show them that they can accomplish anything they want to as long as they put their mind to it.

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 13:53:58
Written By : Muscle Prodigy