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Ryback Workout

Ryback Workout


Ryback has taken the WWE Universe by storm with his freakish strength and jacked physique. The 6'3, 291 lb. monster, who originally debuted in the WWE as Skip Sheffield, may be the the most intimidating wrestler since Goldberg. Just look at this man…he's an absolute beast!

Ryback, whose real name is Ryan Reeves, recently worked out with five WWE fans at a Gold's Gym in downtown Los Angeles. The contests winners had entered their names at various Gold's Gym locations throughout the LA area for the opportunity to train with the WWE superstar. 

WWE fans got to see first hand what Ryback is all about in the gym when it came to his back routine. Ryback focuses on the following compound gym workouts:

Ryback's emphasis on compound
exercises contributes to his jacked 
physique. You can really see how
defined his body is, especially his
upper body.







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Deadlift: Along with the squat, the deadlift may be the best mass builder out there. It builds the upper and lower body like no other movement. It strengthens the entire back and surrounding muscles and really builds up the core. More muscles are simultaneously worked with the deadlift than any other movement, including the squat. Since the deadlift involves so many muscles, it severely taxes the cardio respiratory system and can really build up your endurance. Ryback does an over/under grip, meaning he holds the bar with palms up in one hand and palms down in another. This helps you get a better grip on the bar to lift more weight. However, this can put a lot of stress on your rotator cuff and may contribute to a muscular imbalance since you are holding the weight with different grips. We would recommend doing palms down grip in both hands to really limit the injury potential, especially when it comes to a potnetial strain on your biceps.

T-Bar Row: Doing the T-Bar row can develop thickness to the lats and lower part of the back. When doing the T-Bar row, you want to have a little more than a 45 degree angle rather than standing upright. Notice how Ryback lies on a pad when doing the exercise, which helps bring about more of an angle. You can stimulate more of the lats rather than standing straight up. The only downside of this exercise is it may limit your range of movement more than doing a conventional barbell row. However, this exercise can limit cheating and jerking of the weight since it's more of a machine based movement. 

Bent Over Barbell Row: This is a very similar movement to the T-Bar row and works the same kinds of muscles. As discussed above, this exercise has more of a range of motion than a traditional T-Bar row. However, this is more of an advanced lift because you have to use more of your stabilizer muscles to keep the weight balanced.  The T-Bar row is said to thicken the back, while the bent-over row is said to widen it.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row: 
This exercise works very similar muscles to the aforementioned rows. However, the main difference is each one-arm dumbbell row will work each side in isolation which is really beneficial if one side is bigger than the other or to bring more asymmetry to that particular muscle. 

Ryback worked out with these 5 WWE fans and put them through a hellish back workout.


As you can see, Ryback focuses on compound movements. Compound exercises are the key to building lean muscle mass. You can see that Ryback's huge frame can be contributed to the compound lifts that he does. Compound exercises work many muscle groups at one time, rather than isolation exercises that only target one muscle group. You get a greater amount of work done in a shorter amount of time. Hormones like testosterone and growth hormone are elevated when performing compound exercises. In conclusion, compound exercises will give you an efficient, functional workout in less time, stimulating more muscle fibers and releasing hormones that aid in lean muscle mass and fat loss. The WWE implemented a wellness policy pertaining to performance enhancing drugs and steroid use so you can't point fingers at any potential steroid use! His hard work is what builds him up naturally.

Ryback's diet and eating regimen is unlike any other. According to legendary WWE superstar Al Snow, Ryback's appetite for one meal could "feed a family of four in Afghanistan". Just listen to what Al Snow said in the below video about his eating habits. It's pretty funny stuff! Ryback is a true monster and his workout and diet demonstrate that. As Ryback says, "Feed me more". Nothing is stopping this man.












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Date Published : 2012-11-12 21:34:47
Written By : Richard Allen

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