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Ryan Lochte Workout

Ryan Lochte Workout


Ryan Lochte workout training routine focuses on strongman exercises and unconventional workouts. The six-time Olympic medalist swimmer does these unique workouts as a way to build fundamental strength and conditioning levels heading into the 2012 London Olympics against rival Michael Phelps.

Lochte does a 90 minute dry-land strongman routine to push his body to the absolute limit. He does everything from boxing, flipping a 650 pound tire, lifting metal logs, throwing kegs, and ending his workout dragging a 450 pound chain for 350 feet. This type of strongman training trains your body in ways and areas you can't get with other types of training. It really builds off your mental toughness and enables you to push yourself beyond limits while simultaneously building certain muscles that can't be trained as well in the pool or gym. This can result in an increase in his overall speed, explosion and force in the water, among other things. 



Lochte (pictured right) has a longstanding rivalry with Michael Phelps (left), another swimmer who
puts a huge emphasis on fitness. Looks like Lochte may actually be more defined. His strongman
exercises may be a reason why...



Boxing is also a great workout for swimmers. On the average, swimmers are taking 5,000 to 10,000 strokes per 2 hour workout. Following a boxing training program can help increase the body's metabolic system and really condition the shoulders and lat muscles to handle the constant resistance placed by the water.





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"I know how to push my body to limits no other athlete can really handle. Doing that chain, you get to a certain point in races where your legs start going, your arms start going, and you just start fatiguing. You have to find that little something in your body and you got to just keep going. No matter what, there's always something left. You just got to find it," said Lochte in an ESPN interview.

At last year's World Championships, Lochte won 4 Gold metals, beating Phelps twice in the process. He also became the first swimmer to set a world record since high tech suits were banned in 2010. It looks like his training is certainly helping...





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Date Published : 2012-07-09 14:41:04
Written By : Richard Allen