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Roy Jones Jr Workout

Roy Jones Jr Workout


Roy Jones Jr. is definitely considered one of the top 10 boxers of all time given his impeccable boxing career. After he was robbed of an Olympic medal due to partial judges who awarded the decision to their hometown hero (in what was regarded as the worst boxing scandal in the sport's history; Jones landed 86 punches to Park's 32), Roy Jones entered the professional boxing scene with a vengeance and, consequently, went on a tear. "Captain Hook" was the fighter of the decade in the 90's and his accomplishments often go overlooked. Jones went 49-1 in his run, losing his only fight to Montel Griffin in a Disqualification for a late hit. Jones reclaimed his title knocking out Griffin in the 1st round in his rematch and even beat Bernard Hopkins with a broken hand to win his first middleweight title belt. He fell into a landslide towards the end of his career as most professional boxers do (even the greatest ones) because he encompasses a passion for boxing that won't let him quit the sport. Roy Jones has probably the best body in boxing and it's his training that allows for that. His training looks like the following:


  • 5 mile runs in the morning followed by squats
  • Basketball after lunch
  • Boxing Routine:
    • 1) Several rounds of warming up and press ups
    • 2) 12 rounds of boxing (pads/sparring/bags)- 4 minute rounds all the time
    • 3) 16 minutes each on speedball and floor-to-ceiling ball
    • 4) 1200 reps on the abs (he had gradually increased total amount of reps on the abs over time)
    • 5) 16 minutes of skipping
    • 6) Stretching 


Talk about impressive abs. Jones had some of the
strongest abs in the ring, which helped him absorb
big hits from even the most powerful boxers. 


His training took up to 6-7 hours a day. Boxers need to devote an entire day to training to hit all the necessary muscle groups and to work on technique, among other things. While most people would deem this as overtraining, boxers need this time to work on their craft. Jones works with some of the best trainers and specialists in the world (along with some great genetics) and therefore he is able to push himself beyond what most people could do. Boxing is all about repetition and constantly being prepared so he must train like this to be the top of his class. As you can see, Jones boxes round after round during his training session to mimic the environment of a real boxing match and condition himself for it. He also does 1,200 reps of abs, an astounding rate for most people. Boxers have some of the strongest abs around because they get numerous blows to the stomach. Also, most of the power and explosion found in punches starts in the core so it's extremely important to keep it strong and constantly train it.






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Roy's nutritional plan:

Breakfast- fruit
Lunch- Chicken Salad, Vegetables, Pasta
Dinner- Protein source like chicken

He never had any alcohol or drugs enter his body ever. 


Supposedly during training with his father, he never womanized or masturbated to keep his aggression levels high. Research has concluded that postponing ejaculation for seven days can spike testosterone levels. The more testosterone you have, the more conducive your body is to building muscle and increasing strength.


Jones loves to train and he even played a full professional basketball game immediately before his championship fight that he won against Canada's Eric Lucas in 1996. 






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Date Published : 2010-08-16 08:25:05
Written By : Jaret Grossman