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Robert Perry Interview

Robert Perry Interview


Robert Perry is the founder/CEO of Xtreme-Fitness LLC. He started his company around a vision to fill the void he felt the fitness industry had gotten away from. That void was to have a company that put people and change ahead of profit and self indulgence.





MP: What sparked your interest in health and fitness?


RP: Wow I can remember watching the greats like Arnold and Lou on stage as a small scrawny kid, haha. That was enough to make me rep out the 5 push-ups I could do at that point. I, my cousins John Latson and J.D. Davis used to go at it working out or so we thought. I would always tell myself “Robert if you do your best you will be great one day”.


As the founder and CEO of Xtreme-Fitness, you have created a very unique and special product. Describe Xtreme-Fitness and why people should consider using it?


Xtreme Fitness was a dream I have had for years. As a personal trainer I have had the opportunity to work for most of the major gym chains and at the end of the day it was all the same…………PROFIT. I am a believer that the greatest return on investment you can receive is what you invest into others. Any successes I have today or in the future are merely a by-product of my want to actually see people achieve their dreams. At Xtreme Fitness our clients come first and I hand pick each and every one of my trainers. Have to give a shout out to E Rock my boy Eric Rodgers (trainer) for doing his first competition. Eric was my first fellow trainer and is like my little brother.








MP: What are some of your bodybuilding and fitness accomplishments? Have you competed over the years?


RP: I have never competed and I actually get asked that a lot which is flattering in itself. If I ever decide to complete it will be when I have all the right people in place so that I can dedicate my time to developing the best body I can without losing the ability to help where I am needed. Stay tuned I may step on stage soon. You guys will be one of the first to know. I promise.


After high school, you set off for a new adventure in the United States Marine Corps. What was this process like? How did it benefit you in life?


Becoming a Marine was one of the most mentally taxing accomplishments to date.  The standards for Marines are set extremely high. Those high standards and the mental toughness I gained to endure hardships are still with me today. In my daily life I don’t run across things that I ever feel I can’t do only things I chose not to.







MP: Working at several gyms in the Houston area during your youth, what were some of the biggest issues that your clients had with the concept of working out at the gym or even showing up?



RP: I think the atmosphere in some gyms can be very intimidating. You take the middle age man/woman who has finally gathered the courage to take the necessary steps for a healthy lifestyle change. They arrive at the gym and they see perfect bodies, hear weights slamming and obnoxious grunting.  It can all be a bit much without the proper preparation and guidance. One thing I liked to do with new clients is walk around with them and introduce them to my fellow “gym rats”. I would tell the regulars their (clients) goals and now they had a support system even when I wasn’t around to hold the accountable.







MP: What is your training philosophy like? Do you concentrate solely on weight training or do you look to increase your athletic prowess with conditioning exercises as well?


RP: Oh my God training. I am all over the place on this one. My philosophy is that a complete athlete is completely well rounded. I currently am working with a mixture of CrossFit (CrossFit Level 1 Certified), weight training, various cardio principals, bodyweight programming and I actually am also a big fan of Zumba (certified instructor) thanks to my best friends Laura Orlando and Keri Weaver. Be on the lookout for Xtreme Cross Training!!!








MP: What’s your typical diet like?


RP: If I have a weakness this is it. I come from a family that loves to cook so I am always struggling to gain some ground on dieting. 80-85% of the time I eat pretty clean though lots of lean meats, complex carbs, vegetables, and I supplement with Cellucor products which are the best supplements period.






MP: At what point does one cross the threshold of training just enough and overtraining? What do you do to prevent yourself from overtraining?


RP: I believe that with each and every workout you should push yourself to the threshold of mental/physical capabilities. It is my belief that if you tell yourself “I can do 10 reps” than guess how many you will do? On the other hand if you tell yourself “I am going to activate and exhaust everything I have” guess what you will do?  The key to it all is variety. Bust ass a few days in the gym and then take a day off, head over to some stairs and bust ass there. Variety is everything.







MP: Many people pose the question to us via email: “Is it possible to get defined abs during the bulking phase”? Here’s your chance to clear up the misconceptions.


RP: You guys aren’t the only ones that get this question a lot. I think it’s really simply a matter of time. If you give your muscle the proper time to work, grow, rest and develop. Your diet is complimenting the process, you are supplementing with Cellucor than it’s definitely possible. The problem is no one wants to wait they want size and they want it now!!!!






MP: What are your future goals both personally and professionally?


RP: Professionally I want to create a business model that can be taught and modeled so that more people can embrace our vision of people before profits. Personally the creation of an unbound positive force resides in me and it needs to be fed so I will feed it. I want my 2 sons Robert II and Ryan to be proud of their dad.








BodySpace: Marine 77

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Date Published : 2011-08-03 20:32:52
Written By : Muscle Prodigy