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Rob Pattinson Workout

Rob Pattinson Workout


Rob Pattinson appeared out of nowhere and revealed his ripped muscular body in the new Twilight series. As if we didn't have enough Twilight movie stars in this list, Pattinson does clearly deserve to be on it. Supposedly, on the set Rob Pattinson had tremendous work ethic and was the guy who could lift the most weight and beat out other actors on the coveted rowing machine that got them in shape (beating the other actors' record times). According to, he ran and kickboxed for up to 5 hours a day as part of his training routine and he also cut his alcohol intake while cutting his calories by eating only one meal per day. Rob said “I was just trying to lose every ounce of body fat, so when I took off my shirt, I would look like an alien." He goes on to say, "I just looked so different. I was so much more muscular than I had ever been in my life".

Nathan Mellalieu was New Moon's trainer and Mellalieu described what he put the actors though in an article in the UK version of Men’s Fitness. Mellalieu said, "My team only had a few weeks to get the cast ready before shooting began so we put them through three to four intense workouts per week. We tried to stick to this during the shoot so that each actor’s look would be consistent throughout the film, but it was tricky because everyone had different shooting schedules. With Robert Pattinson we did lots of boxing drills, which helped created the lean, muscled look he has in 
New Moon. He has great hand speed and footwork and seemed to really enjoy the sessions. We also had all the actors doing functional exercises using little or no weight so they weren’t bogged down with too much bulk and could move athletically when filming a stunt."




Even eating only one meal a day, Pattinson was able to keep a pretty
impressive physique like this. His abs are really define. It's pretty


A workout routine that Rob Pattinson frequently did, alternating A and B every other day, was:

Workout A:
100 barbell jump squats (25 per cent of your one-rep max)
100 barbell shoulder presses (25 per cent of your one-rep max)
100 crunches

Workout B:
20 burpees
30 reverse crunches
40 jumping lunges
50 squats

This is another routine that Pattinson has been known to do:

1. Cardio warm-up — five minutes of running, walking, stepping, jumping.
2. Phase two — upper body exercise; push up, back rows.
3. Phase three –lower body, lunge body.
4. Phase four — mid section — ball crunch. dumbbell side- bends.
5. Phase five — cardio cool down — jump rope

When Pattinson had to drop weight for the role he only ate one meal a day, however, to maintain weight and realizing the unhealthy benefits of his one meal a day, now Pattinson relies on 5 healthy meals a day without calorie counting. Every meal has a low-fat protein, a healthy carbohydrate, some fiber, a healthy fat, and an unsugared beverage. One day a week is a free for all cheat day so he stays psychologically sound.

Our Take: It's pretty incredible that eating only one meal a day worked for Pattinson. To build lean muscle, you really should consume a minimum of 3 meals a day to ensure your body is getting the proper micro and macro nutrients necessary to build muscle. Even eating more meals but in a smaller capacity can help you lose weight since your metabolism is always going. Pattinson could of had incredible genetics to be able to eat only one meal. For most people, this probably wouldn't work very well and it will deprive you of the proper nutrients for your body. In terms of his actual workout routine, he hit all the major muscle groups to make sure he was building up his body properly. He also relied on bodyweight exercises, which can tone up the muscle and provide some additional variety to a traditional weightlifting routine.

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