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Rich Froning Workout

Rich Froning Workout


You might not know who Rich Froning is, but you should. At only 25 years old, Froning has won back-to-back CrossFit Games titles - in 2011 and 2012 respectively. This 5’10”, 190 lb. monster trains several times during the day, and works out with a variety of exercises ranging from interval training, efficiency and movement drills, and other Crossfit related workouts. Let’s take a peek further into the exercise regimen of this ripped champion.

As a CrossFit athlete, Froning is always performing new exercises, both stagnant and dynamic that incorporate both strength and athleticism. Despite his grocery list of workouts to incorporate, Froning sticks to a timeless classic: the bench press. However, he changes it up a bit. Froning will perform five rounds of 3-set bench press. The first set will be five reps of light weight. The second set will be five reps of medium weight. And the third set will be five sets of heavy weight. After completing the tri-set workout, he will repeat it for five rounds. Froning is a man who has to gain strength, endurance, and stamina all at the same time. Although this is difficult, his five-round bench press strategy allows for him to build muscle through exhaustion, and to raise his heart rate through this strenuous process. In total, he will have performed 75 individual reps total for this workout. This trumps most bench press sets that usually only incorporate 8-12 reps in 3-4 sets. This is why Rich Froning is much more cut and muscular than the average weight trainer.







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Body-weight exercises are recommended when looking to establish both strength and muscle tone. One of Froning’s favorite workouts is the muscle-up, which is performed on gymnastics rings. Froning will start in a standing position with his hands over his head gripping onto the gymnastic rings. He will then perform a neutral grip pull-up, and when his hands meet in between his midsection and his chest, Froning will rotate his palms forward. With his knuckles facing outwards, his elbows will be at 90 degrees with his upper chest. This pull-up will resultantly turn into a dip. To successfully complete the dip aspect of the muscle-up, Froning will extend his arms and push from the rings so that his arms are straightened. Once he is fully suspended with his hands on his side, he will slowly return to starting position and repeat the exercise. Muscle-ups are a terrific workout because they incorporate many muscle groups. The back and biceps are utilized for the pull-up, and the chest and triceps are worked for the dip. Due to the nature of the gymnastics rings, Froning also has to stabilize his body, working his core. This body-weight exercise allows Froning to maintain his ripped physique while also staying toned and lean.




CrossFit athletes have some of the best physiques around. Just look at how defined Rich Froning is! CrossFit vigorously
utilizes all the muscles in the body so this really helps to build him up.




A third aspect to Froning’s workout plan is his diet. You would think that a guy as cut and ripped as Froning would adhere to a strict diet and supplement plan. Despite this, Froning claims that his diet is not as strict as some might believe. The CrossFit champ notes that he doesn’t really eat that much, and only eats when his body tells him he’s hungry and needs to refuel. Oddly enough, Froning eats the majority of his daily food in the evenings. A typical nighttime meal for Froning would be steak and chicken with a sweet potato or frozen vegetables. Although he doesn’t follow a specific plan, these foods are excellent bodybuilding foods, as they incorporate lean proteins, low GI carbs, and minimal but necessary fats. During the day, Froning eats simple meals that provide him with the energy he needs to compete. The athlete is a fan of peanut butter, whole milk, and protein shakes. 

In the video below, you can see Froning talking about some of his workouts, as well as demonstrating them. From his strength training routines, you can clearly see how ripped and defined he is. 














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Date Published : 2012-07-23 15:22:21
Written By : Scott Wordsman

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