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Home Training Build Muscle Rest More, Gain More!

Rest More, Gain More!

Rest More, Gain More!


Switch up your workout this week resting more time in between sets with this workout and gain raw power now!

Although I don’t particularly recommend resting more than a minute between sets (you should be in tip-top shape), it’s definitely good to switch it up once in a while.  Now if you’ve been training hard and going at every set with barely any rest in between them, pounding out one after another like you should be doing, you’ve got to be in great shape. Your heart has got to be providing blood efficiently to the muscles. With that being said, switching it up for a week where you will be resting for longer periods of time in between sets will add for some serious power without compromising your muscle endurance. Your deadlift, bench, squat, and leg press should go up in weight within a week. 

This is purposefully a power week so you’ve got to go as heavy as you can and as hard as you can. If you can do one more rep then you better get another one up. If you got to scream, scream at the iron. Cry. Do whatever you need to do. Just get that weight up! If you can put on an extra 2.5 pounds then DO IT! There is no time for screwing around. Additionally, grab a partner so you can bang out some forced reps when you've personally gone to failure with that weight.

True failure does not mean not being able to do a 315 lb. bench press for another rep. It means not being able to do the 45 lb. bar for another rep. It is at the point where your partner is getting a second workout in  because he'll be practically lifting the whole thing while you just won't be able to. Going to complete failure is when you can't lift your arms let alone a weight. It's when you've hit a wall and you just keep pounding away with the least amount of assistance possible for each successive rep.

For the few sets you have this week (you still got to keep your workouts within an hour-so much fewer total sets), make them count and go balls to the wall without looking back. It's time to roll with the big boys.

The Program

You’ll only be lifting 4 days this week but it should be enough trauma for your body to handle!  Furthermore, when doing heavy lifts such as the ones listed below, the body needs ample time to recover. 

Perform 5 warm up sets of increasing weight up until your 6th working set which is very heavy and to complete failure with the assistance of a spotter to help you bang out a lot of forced reps as aforementioned.  Rest 1 minute in between the warm ups and 3 minutes in between the 5th and 6th set.

Monday: Back/Legs


Bent over Dumbbell Row

T-Bar Row

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown


Leg Extensions superset w/ Leg Curls

Donkey Calf Raises


Tuesday: Chest/Shoulders/Abs

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Incline Barbell Bench Press


Clean and Jerk

Standing Shoulder Presses

Weighted Rope Crunches

Weighted Twisting Woodchop Cable

Weighted Baseball Swing


Wednesday: Off


Thursday: Legs

Back Squat

Front Squat


Barbell Calf Raises


Friday: Bis/Tris/Abs

Close Grip Bench Press

Weighted Dip Superset w/ Diamond Push-Up

Tricep Bar Pushdown Superset w/ Rope Extension

Barbell Biceps Curls

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Preacher Concentration Dumbbell Curls

Rope Cable Hammer Curls

Weighted Rope Crunches

Weighted Twisting Woodchop Cable

Weighted Baseball Swing


Saturday: Off


Sunday: Off


Next week, continue with a light-weight, high rep workout routine so your myostatin levels (a hormone that prevents your muscles from getting too big) don't increase too much.

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