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Ray Lewis Workout

Ray Lewis Workout

Ray Lewis is a beast when it comes to his workout training routine, which he explains in detail to Men's Fitness. From February until the beginning of training camp, Ray Lewis works out at least five times a week, constantly doing fundamental workouts to improve his strength and speed on the football field. Working out five times a week gives you two full rest days. It's very important to give your body some adequate rest from training, especially being an athlete. It is when you rest that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place.


Lewis wakes up at 8 am and starts his routine with core and ab training. Lewis prefers ab rollouts on a steel wheel. Lewis totals around 2,500 to 3,000 ab roll outs a week. After his ab routine, he'll do a 45 minute hip circuit that includes stretching and a hard massage with a foam roller. Using a foam roller is called myofascial release, which is a type of soft tissue therapy used to reduce soreness and stiffness that limits range of motion. Lewis credits his durability on the football field to his emphasis on flexibility. After his circuit, Lewis puts on a 45-pound weight vest and heads down to the beach for what he refers to as a time for "muscle confusion". 




As you can see, Lewis is no stranger to the weight room. He does a variety of
workouts but regularly uses weights as part of his full body routine. Free weights
can give you the most effective workouts due to the resistance placed on the muscle
and the ability to work your stabilizer muscles.  


Here's what he does: He sets three cones on the sand at 10, 20 and 30 yards away. Wearing the weight vest, Lewis warms up with 100 jumping jacks and 100 squats. Still in the weighted vest, then Lewis completes the following, taking a 60-second rest between sets and a two-minute break after a total set:


1) SPRINT TO THE 10-YARD CONE, touch it, sprint back to the start, and back to the cone. That's one set, where he takes a 60 second rest in between sets. He'll do five sets of this making up one total set. He'll rest for 2 minutes after. 


2) STRAIGHT 20- AND 30-YARD SPRINTS. He'll run a 20 yard sprint, take a minute rest, and then run a 30 yard sprint. He'll do five sprints at each distance-that's one total set. Then he'll take a 2 minute break. 


As you can see, Lewis relies on a lot of sprints to make up a huge part of his training. Football is a game of sprints and short bursts of explosion. It's important for Lewis to adapt his body to this type of explosive movements. In addition, wearing a weighted vest during training has benefits. First, it can boost your cardiovascular conditioning. Wearing a weighted vest makes exercises that require you to overcome gravity more demanding, and possibly more effective. There is also more demand placed on your muscles when running and can increase lower-body strength and endurance. 


Lewis ends his morning workout with several bouts of plyometic bounds to loosen the hips and release the lactic acid build up. After his morning workout, Lewis eats a large fruit plate. Instead of eating before he trains, Lewis eats small meals throughout the day during his breaks. Eating smaller meals throughout the day increases your metabolism and keeps a steady supply of nutrients throughout the day.






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Now...Lewis successfully warmed up. Now it's time for his actual workout, a full body super intense routine. Lewis hammers out various workouts for his upper body. Some of his fundamental workouts are: 

1) Incline Bench Press
2) Flat Bench Press
3) Bentover Dumbbell Row
4) Arm Raise
5) Triceps Press/Lying Triceps Extension
6) Biceps Curls
7) Cross-Body Curls


Throughout his workouts, Lewis consistently changes the weight and amount of reps/sets that he does. He also alters his hand positioning and angle. He does all this to hit different parts of the muscle and to keep his muscles guessing. A few hours later, Lewis heads out to the beach, weight-vest intact, for a 60 minute jog.



Below are some videos of Ray Lewis, the beast, working out and showing you why he is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play this game of football:


















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Date Published : 2010-10-22 10:21:10
Written By : Richard Allen

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