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Randy Moss Workout

Randy Moss Workout

Despite your personal beliefs, Randy Moss can workout harder than 99% of the NFL during his off-season workout training routine. Believe it or not, the talented "Prima Donna" that you all love or hate, works his muscular body to the limit to excel in his profession. Since, Moss has compiled a career that may go on to be better than any Wide Receiver with the sole exception of Jerry Rice.


"I strive to be the best", says Randy and he resorts to hellish workouts in the off-season to prepare his body to be the best. He does a combination of sprints on the football field, ladder drills, sand drills, explosive cuts for agility and quickness, uphill sprints, sprints with a parachute tied to his back, and backpedaling while pulling sleds. He works out with weights 3-4 times a week and is so dedicated to his workouts that those who train with him, last a week or two and then quit. Moss has the determination to be the best despite the negative media attention associated with him.  One routine Moss does is he sprints the length of a football field (100 yards), jogs the side (40 yards), and then sprints back. He repeats this over and over again until he's bent over and gasping for air. The goal for most football players, especially wide receivers, is to improve top speed. What seperates players like Moss from others is his ability to beat the cornerback to get open for a catch. Football is all about explosive bursts and doing sprints mimics the play and rhythm of a football game. Therefore, it's essential that Moss does these kinds of exercises. 


In referring to those who are daring enough to work out with him, Moss said, "I like to see people hurt. I like to see people bent over. I like to see people going to drink that water...not hurt in the sense of going to the hospital...but in terms of pushing yourself hard...that type of thing". Moss makes sure that he pushes himself to the limit as stated below in a quote going around blogs:

"Tim Martin, who has trained Moss the past eight years and is the innovator of the workout, believes the Patriots receiver doesn’t get enough credit for how well he’s maintained his body over time, and how hard he’s worked to stay at the top of his game.

“Yeah, he is very talented, but he outworks 99 percent of the NFL,” said Martin, when reached by phone last week. “I heard Jerry Rice talk about how hard Larry Fitzgerald works. I’ve seen his workout … if people take a look at what myself and Randy do, you’ll see a lot of things you don’t see other people doing. I’d put our regimen up against anyone else’s.”

During camp, Moss has had that quick first step and extra gear, particularly on the long bomb routes, as he’s easily beaten many of the younger corners, Darius Butler and Devin McCourty. The past few days during the joint practice sessions with New Orleans, he also made the Saints secondary look slow."



His trainer says "It's kind of like a car. Some cars have a governor on it. You may get up to 110 mph and it just shuts off. Some athletes like to put governors on themselves at like 80%, but I like to try and break the governor." Martin believes it's all about the mental toughness that you need to bring to the table in order to break that governor. He's one of those guys that makes you push when he sees his athletes get tired. He wants you to get everything out of your practice, and then the next day he's going to push you even harder.

Martin states, "Everybody thinks that there's some great method and some magic potion you can take, but It's all about hard work and getting up and working hard every single day".





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So why does Moss work so hard? Moss says, "I think working out hard pays off throughout the season. To have yourself conditioning like that and working hard in the offseason like myself, it's hopefully paying off week 13, week 14, and trying to push to the postseason where guys are really packing it in."


Moss prefers to work out with partners during his routines because it gives him extra motivation to give it his all. It allows for his competitive nature to come out even during the off-season while his comeptition is taking a break. Moss makes sure that he focuses on racing those who work out with him during the sprint work consisting of 90 yard, 80  yard, and 70 yard sprints with minimal rest in between each sprint. Moss also makes sure that he keeps his ankles healthy and strong during the offseason by doing explosive cuts. Moss will run a designated pattern filled with cutting at 45 degree angles with someone chasing behind him and trying to play "tag". While some may find it a childish game, Moss understands that this exactly replicates his job as a wide receiver to evade a cornerback from staying with him as shown in the DVD, "The Moss Method".













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Date Published : 2011-06-30 19:42:26
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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