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Quick & Vital Energy is Just This Easy

Quick & Vital Energy is Just This Easy


As athletes, we all want that extra edge. Most of the time, that edge is in the form of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source for the body to perform at optimal and peak levels during athletic competition or even exercise. It's not about how many carbohydrates you consume, but when and how you consume them. Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Energy Tablets are simple to consume and unbelievably convenient. It's a tablet that is made up of a concentrated source of carbohydrates. These are the carbohydrates you need in sports such as running, football, rugby, and tennis where endurance and recovery are crucial to performance. Quick and vital energy has never been this easy...

Now let's get into the science behind why these awesome tablets are so ideal for before, during, and after a competition. The Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Energy Tablets are made up of 81% glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar, an essential energy source and main component of carbohydrates. Blood sugar is a huge determinant of how you feel and perform in athletics. The body uses this glucose in the blood for energy. Most glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles. During prolonged exercise activity (such as athletics), glycogen is broken down in the muscles and provides energy. This is the energy you need to help you get over the hump, to push yourself a little harder. This product does that. 

After competition, you may feel pretty fatigued. This is when Lucozade's energy tablets come in handy once again.
You want carbohydrates during this time and glucose is the fastest-absorbed sugar, which gets absorbed into the bloodstream the quickest. As an example, soccer players can use up 200 to 250 grams of carbohydrates during a game. It's important that they (and other athletes) replenish those stores as quickly as possible. You need your energy back and these energy tablets give you that with its high concentration of glucose.

It's always essential to have protein during any post-workout, whether in the gym or athletic field. Protein is what constitutes the basis of your recovery but you need glucose to help with this process. This is important because the carbohydrates are what actually facilitate in the process of shuttling the protein to the muscle cells for repair. 
This insulin surge you get from the carbohydrates is needed to take the protein out of your bloodstream and guides it into the muscle cells, where it can begin the recovery and rebuilding process. This is where the muscle builds and grows. Without the insulin surge, the protein will just remain in the bloodstream, where it will be burned as energy and unusable. After a workout or competition, sugar will not be prone to be stored as body fat, the only time of day this happens. 


And not all sugars are created equal. Fructose, a sugar found predominantly in honey and fruit, is not as beneficial as you may think when it comes to your post-workout or athletic competition. This is because fructose must pass through the liver before it reaches the bloodstream, making it a slow, and consequently, very poor choice for after workouts or athletic competitions. Sucrose, which is table sugar, is basically half fructose, half glucose, so you still get some glucose, but it's not as effective as the real thing. 

Maltodextrin is the other main component in Lucozade's energy tablets. Maltodextrin can prevent gastrointestinal distress that can sometimes occur when a person takes in a lot of simple sugar at one time. Since the energy tablets comprise of an ample amount of sugar at once, the maltrodextrin helps counter any possible interference. It also delivers many glucose molecules in one long unit to increase blood glucose and insulin levels, and subsequently help promote fast muscle glycogen and protein synthesis rates.

If you want to excel in your sport and peak during competition, Order some Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Energy Tablets. All you need to do is take one tablet every 30 minutes during exercise with 150 ml of fluid. It's also ideal for topping up your carbohydrate levels before or after exercise.

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