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Home Sport-Specific Football Training Quarterback Drills to Improve Arm Strength and In-Game Skills

Quarterback Drills to Improve Arm Strength and In-Game Skills

Quarterback Drills to Improve Arm Strength and In-Game Skills

In all levels of the sport, the quarterback is the most important player on the team. His ability to lead the team, play under pressure and perform capably in all situations will decide the fate of a team, raising mediocre squads to great ones or in some situations, bringing down very good teams to average ones. Teaching your quarterbacks the fundamentals will help your entire team improve.

Basic quarterback drills are always important, but there especially important at a young age. This is when habits are formed and basic skills are remembered for the long haul as hardened techniques.

Before your quarterback can effectively throw the ball he has to be able to hold onto the ball. Therefore one of the most basic drills you can start with involves your quarterback holding the ball with one hand and moving it around, over and through his body. Have him change body postures and do it on the move. It will help your quarterback gain a sense of what is and isn't possible and how he has to react in game situations.

A variation on this drill is to have the quarterback do this, while calling out a cadence count and while someone is walking behind them trying to randomly tip the ball out of their hands. This is all about ball control and keeping awareness of your body in space.

Moving up to the next drill you will have to teach your quarterback the proper way to hand the ball off. Line up as the running back behind your quarterback and have him simulate taking a snap, turning around and handing the ball to you. Be sure to show him how to hold the ball during the hand off process and where it needs to be placed, in your stomach where your hands and arms are ready to grasp it.

After practicing the hand off, the quarterback practices a reverse and sweep toss to the running back. This pair of drills is good for multiple quarterbacks; as each one completes it, they fall out and watch the next player do it. As with everything building muscle memory, it's the number of repetitions that matter - everyone should be doing this drill at least ten times.

Another great drill for your quarterbacks will help improve their core body strength and flexibility, while teaching throwing mechanics and form. You can have two of your quarterbacks work on this together, or you can have a quarterback work with a coach. Facing each other at a distance of about ten yards, each player is on one knee with a ball at their opposite foot. The player has to pick up the ball and complete a full throwing motion to accurately complete a pass to the other player.

The goal is that neither player should have to get up and move to catch any of the passes or make any of the throws. You'll be emphasizing accuracy and teaching solid techniques, while building core strength and range of motion. Each player should complete two or three dozen passes, then switch knees and do it again. After a few practice sessions, have the players be down on both knees when performing this drill.


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Ric Moon II

RicMoonII is a former football linebacker and enthusiast. His website is jammed packed with easy yet effective football tips to improve speed and power in all positions.

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