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Home Training Build Muscle Pushups and Suicides an Awesome Muscle Building Combination

Pushups and Suicides an Awesome Muscle Building Combination

Pushups and Suicides an Awesome Muscle Building Combination



I have talked for years about the simple approach to physical fitness and health and get a lot of simple doesn't work for everyone or that there are exceptions. The only exceptions about a simple fitness program come from closed minded people.

Think about some of the complicated plans you used and then some of the simple plans you used and think about the results. Here's an example, if your focus is on doing 100 pushups but you decide that you want to add pull ups to the pushup workout and focus more on the pull ups than on doing the pushups, what are the results you think you will get?


You'll get better at pull ups while your pushup max barely increases. But, if you focus on doing pushups with a simple plan that will put more effort in to your push up workout your push ups will improve faster than focusing on doing pull ups.


I believe when we exercise we should have a goal in mind, some purpose you want to accomplish the quickest most effective way possible of getting your desired result.


Two exercises that are making a comeback as real physical fitness builders are pushups and sprints, these two exercises should be incorporated in to anyone who is serious about real physical fitness and building lean, athletic muscle.


The pushup and the sprint will get almost every muscle in the body working and working hard, the fact that you can't do either one of the exercises very long before your muscles and your cardiovascular system tell you to ease up and take a rest should send a signal that these exercises are fitness builders.


I can almost promise you that if you try just a simple workout of pushups and sprints just one time you will be convinced of the muscle building and fitness potential in these two exercises.


The great thing is you don't have to have a full length football field to get the benefits of sprints. You can do sprints on the side walk in your yard or can do them on a tennis court a basketball court and even in an apartment.


All you need is about 5 to 10 yards of space which is around 10 to 20 feet and that is all that is needed. In a little space you can use suicides as a great alternate to sprints, actually they are very short explosive sprints that can and will have you gasping for breath in under one minute.


To do suicides, mark off 5 to 10 yards - start by sprinting 5 yards, touch the ground with a hand or both hands, and sprint back 5 yards and touch the ground; and keep doing this back and forth for 30 seconds to a minute, feel the fitness.


If you add pushups to the mix, now you are really going to boost your level of physical fitness very fast, and because pushups are a great total bodybuilder you will be on the fast road to fitness.


Try this workout for 5 to 10 minutes: Do 25 pushups as fast and as explosive as possible, and out of the pushup position drive up into a short series of 5 to 10 yard suicides for 30 seconds than drop back down for 25 pushups and continue this for as long as you can. If you want rest for 1 or 2 minutes and repeat again.


Toughness Builds Winners




About the Author

Johnny Grube B.C.S. is the holder of 4 bodyweight world records in physical fitness is an expert on the subject of Building Physical and Mental Toughness through bodyweight training. He has 30 years of training experience and is the author of "The How to Build Explosive Pushup Power", The Wildman Training Program manual, The New Expanded version The Wildman Training Course and The Super Strength Playground Training Manual.

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