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Pump Ups: Sample Supplements Before You Buy Them

Pump Ups: Sample Supplements Before You Buy Them


How many times have you purchased a supplement without trying it first? Most people spend hours reading product reviews, researching supplement ingredients, and taking recommendations from friends before purchasing supplements. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a chance to try the product before buying it, then you may end up losing money if the product doesn’t work for you.  

Thanks to a new company called Pump Ups, the blind purchases stop here and now. For just $10/month (shipping is free), Pump Ups sends you a box of supplement samples from all the major brands sold at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. Each month you’ll get 6 different products (10-12 total samples) ranging from pre-workouts, protein powders, BCAA’s, creatine, fat burners and more. 

As a member, you can read and leave reviews of the samples you receive and you can even buy the full-size products on the Pump Ups website. Reps from each company can also respond to your reviews to address any questions or concerns. 

Some of the brands they have partnered with include: Cellucor, VPX, Cytosport, Betancourt Nutrition, BSN, P28 Bread, Inner Armour, Myogenix, Detour Bar, and many others.  

To sign up, visit and click the ‘sign up now’ button on the homepage. 

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