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Proven Methods for Increasing Stamina Naturally

 Proven Methods for Increasing Stamina Naturally

Stamina is an essential element of life which allows you to gauge your overall ability to deal with taxing experiences, whether they are physical or psychological. Through stamina, you can endure prolonged periods of stressful events such as high pressure jobs, prolonged physical activities, or even sickness or disease.

Stamina naturally decreases with age so it is even more important to implement ways to boost stamina levels the older you get. Luckily, there are some proven methods for increasing stamina naturally with the following methods being some of the best.

Proper Nutrition and Healthy Diet

Diet plays a huge role in stamina levels. Consuming foods which are full of such things as sugars, saturated fats, simple carbohydrates and other unhealthy ingredients will bring anyone’s stamina to the floor. Eating these and other forms of junk food may give you an instant rush, but their overall effect makes you feel tired, remain groggy, think in a fog and have barely enough energy to make it through the day much less to hit the gym for some exercise.

Therefore, change your eating habits and eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fat-free products, unsaturated oils, nuts and other healthy foods. By learning to stick to a nutritional diet, you will notice both your energy and stamina levels rising. Now hit the gym!

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Training

Many people think that they can increase stamina through either aerobic exercise or weight training. Each one of these activities will increase stamina to a point, but you can maximize stamina levels by combining the two activities into one strength training program.

Performing aerobics increases your heart rate and physical endurance by improving your breathing and cardiovascular system, while weight training improves the skeletal and muscular system. However, by combining the two types of fitness training, you significantly boost your metabolism, mental awareness and strength as well as your stamina. 

Create a workout program that incorporates outdoor activities (running, cycling, etc), indoor aerobics (spinning, treadmill, martial arts classes, etc) fitness band exercises and weightlifting via free weights and weight machines. 

You should check out the exclusive MP45 Program, created exclusively by Muscle Prodigy. This program combines Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training and elite athlete training to create the ultimate lifting and cardiovascular program called H.I.S.T. (High Intensity Stimulation Training). 
MP45 is a 45 day step-by-step training and nutritional guide. All your meals and exercises are laid out for you. Follow the program and your life will be changed. It's that simple.

Your stamina will go through the roof and you will experience gains you never thought were possible. 45 days is all you need. After those 45 days are up, you will be a machine in the gym, athletic field, and in all aspects of life. If you don't believe me, check this video out. This is Jaret Grossman, creator of the MP45 Program, doing 104 reps of 141 lb. squats without stopping. He incorporated the principles of MP45 and H.I.S.T. and look how much his stamina increased.  

Get Sufficient Sleep and Rest

Proper amounts of sleep will also work to increase your stamina. A day filled with stressful work, non-stop activities and taxing exercise sessions wear down the resistance of the body and mind. Sufficient sleep is now required to recharge your batteries and repair any damage done by strength training or high stress.

You should get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. If you are eating a healthy diet and participating in regular fitness routines then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you feel sluggish during the day and have the chance, grab a quick 20-30 power nap which will work wonders to restore energy reserves during a tough day.

Have Sex Regularly

That’s right! Countless studies conducted on sexual activity reveal that regular sessions of passionate sex not only increase one’s stamina and vitality, but also lengthen one’s lifespan. Sex improves your mood, provides cardiovascular exercise, relaxes the mind and body and generally makes you feel good overall. But then, I really don’t need to point that out, now do I?

Therefore, drop any inhibitions and enjoy regular, healthy workouts in the bedroom. Just be sure to practice safe and protected sex!

By changing to a nutritional diet, combining aerobic exercise and weight training, getting sufficient amounts of rest and enjoying passionate sex, you can significantly increase your stamina, raise the quality of life and add on some extra healthy years to your overall lifespan. Consider the MP45 Program to skyrocket your stamina! We guarantee it!


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