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Perry Merlotti

Name: Perry Merlotti
Month: March 2013
Residence: St. Louis, MO
Age: 26
Occupation: Strength & Conditioning Coach PICP Level 2 & Bio-Sig Level 1
Height: 5'9
Weight: 205 lbs.
Arm Size: 19"
Chest Size: 44"
Waist Size: 32"
Best Bodyparts: Biceps (Strength), Abs (Appearance)
Bench Press: 407 lbs. with 1.75" Barbell Press / 227 lbs. for 28 reps
Squat: 502 lbs. (back squat), 427 lbs. (front squat)
Deadlift: 477 lbs. for 5 reps


MP: What sparked your interest in fitness and bodybuilding?

PM:  When I moved from St. Louis, MO to Dixon, MO I needed to find a new hobby since I was moving from a big city to a little country town.  I was talking to my physical education teacher one day in the weight room and he was like you’d be a perfect bodybuilder…and at the time I had no clue what he was talking about.  I needed up gravitating towards training since I didn’t have much to do but play sports and lift weights since I was now living in the country.  So when I got to college where I had the opportunity to play soccer at the next level, I decided to pursue bodybuilding instead and hung up my cleats.  Since then I’ve been on a quest for the perfect natural physique.

MP: What goes into being an all-natural WBFF Muscle Model? Describe the physical and mental discipline when it comes to training and dieting.

PM:  Being natural is a very rewarding experience to me.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I was blessed with great genetics and a body built for lifting, so I am going to utilize my abilities and take my physique and strength to its max.  As far as discipline when it comes to training and dieting it is fairly simple…YOU MUST DO IT!  If you want the best results you can achieve you just have to do it…that is the hardest part.  Have a plan and stick to that plan, unless it is a shitty plan…then you may need to change it up!!!

MP: Have you won any competitions competing in the WBFF? What were your most memorable?

PM: I have competed in 4 WBFF shows.  2 of the 4 shows were WBFF WORLDS…first time competing at WBFF WORLDS in the Muscle Model category I placed 4th.  The show that I received my pro-card at in Boston, I took 1st place in the Muscle Model category.  That show is my most memorable show to date, since it is the show where I became a Pro at.  I am looking forward to stepping on stage and competing with my good friend Jake Morgan, who is also a WBFF Pro.  We both grew up together and are now both Pro’s with the WBFF and PICP Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coaches.  So for both of us to step on stage together as WBFF Pros and compete in the Muscle Model category, would become my most memorable show to date…CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!!

MP: Your core fundamentals include weight training, strongman training & the Paleo style diet. Describe each of these and what makes each unique and beneficial for your body?

PM: Weight training is my background, and the center to my physique.  I am NOT a cardio addict, nor do any at all.  I would much rather incorporate a second workout into my day then add a cardio session.  Physique training is all about getting the proper hormone response and weights are the way I like to do it.  I AM A HUGE FAN OF 2 ADAY WEIGHT SESSIONS.  First session will last about an hour long and the second session which is generally performed 6 hours later will last about 45 minutes.  Although I am a big fan of strongman training for fat-loss, I do not perform these types of workouts myself, but I do however have my clients bust their asses doing them!!! ;)  As far as the Paleo style diet, I have been doing this for about 4 years now.  Whether I am off-season or in contest prep mode, I choose to use Paleo as my go to.  The whole concept just makes sense to me and WORKS.  I use this type of diet for my clientele as well and everyone who stays on it gets the results they want.  It’s pretty damn SIMPLE…1-Meat 2-Veggies 3-Healthy Fats…YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

MP: Do you advise people to try the Paleo diet?

PM: HELL YES!!!  If you want to lose body fat and/or add lean muscle mass, I would advise you switch over to the Paleo diet.   Thinking you need carbs to function properly is a mental aspect that needs to be corrected…it is a MYTH!!!  Carbs will actually make you more tired and feel as if you need a nap.  Stick to meat and veggies and you will see the true magic start to happen.

MP: You are also a certified personal trainer. How do you approach training and nutrition with your clients?

PM:  I am PICP Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach and Bio-Signature Level 1 certified through Charles Poliquin’s Program.  The first step I do when getting someone started is to perform a structural balance evaluation on the client which will determine what their weaknesses are and what they need to work on to become more balanced.  The next step is to go over the proper nutrition and teach the client how to eat properly.  I then will step up a customized workout plan formulated to help the client not only become more structurally balanced but to also achieve their fitness goals.  Whether they are training for fat-loss, muscle gain, or just to be healthy…I can always add in some structural aspect to the workouts to bring up their weaknesses.  

MP: Explain to us why nutrition is so important and what should the structure of one’s nutritional regimen look like? A lot of people follow these fad diets like no/very low carbs, liquid diets, vegan diets, etc. to lose weight, but what nutritional macronutrients need to be in place to build muscle and burn fat?

PM: Lets keep this one very simple…if people would follow these 3 simple tips they would see huge results in their physique and health.




These three things should make up the core of your meals.  I would try to incorporate all three of these at each and every meal you have.  Whether your healthy fat source is coming from the coconut oil or organic salted butter you’re cooking your food in or just a handful of almonds, you should have some sort of healthy fat at every meal.  Remember FAT doesn’t make you FAT!!!  As far as cheat days go, I tend to have a cheat meal on my off days…so every 6th day I will have a cheat meal as my last meal.  I’d like to say I keep my cheats clean and stay gluten free, but most of the time I go wild and just shovel a bunch of bad shit in.  Sorry guys, it’s the truth!!!





MP: In terms of muscle building, what can cardiovascular training do for you that lifting weights might not?



PM:  Only thing I can think of is run a marathon!  Weights are superior in every aspect of muscle building in my mind.





MP: Do you believe all-natural foods (such as tuna or turkey) are a more effective muscle builder than protein powder? Why do you think this?



PM: The body will respond best to whole food consumption over the liquid protein shake diets.  However, post workout it is best to consume a liquid form of protein, which is why protein shakes work best for this.  Many people who frequently consume whey protein shakes develop a sensitivity to whey, so switching to a good quality rice or pea protein would be the best bet.  The two protein powders I prefer are made by Poliquin, Estrogenomics and Inflam Px.  Unless you are having a post workout shake, try staying away from protein shakes and stick to whole food sources as your Go-To meals.





MP: What do you like to do in your free time?



PM:  In my free time I love to watch movies.  I am recently on a 1980’s Eddie Murphy kick so I’ve been watching any movie he was in back then.  “Trading Places”, “Beverly Hills Cop I & II”, “Coming to America", & even “The Golden Child”.  I also enjoy finding new local eateries and coffee spots that are popping up around town.  Supporting local businesses as well as artists is something I enjoy doing and feel is very beneficial for the community.  Sump Coffee, a new local coffee joint in St. Louis, is a spot I love to go to and kick back, sip some java, and relax!!!





MP: What are your future goals both personally and professionally? 



PM: Personally I’d like to add 20 lbs of lean muscle mass to my frame so I can sit at 220 lbs at about 4-6%...that be a solid look I think.  I would also like to take first at the WBFF WORLDS in the Muscle Model category.  Professionally I want to continue to grow in the strength & conditioning field helping others both with their athletic goals and their physique goals.

Preferred Items

Perry Merlotti's Training Videos

Perry Merlotti 1.75 in. Fat Bar Bench Pressing 407 lbs.
Perry Merlotti 1.75 in. Fat Bar Bench Pressing 407 lbs.
Perry Merlotti 1.75 in. Fat Bar Bench Pressing 407 lbs.
Perry Merlotti Back Squatting 502 lbs.
Perry Merlotti Back Squatting 502 lbs.
Perry Merlotti Back Squatting 502 lbs.
Perry Merlotti Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 106.25 lbs. for 8 reps
Perry Merlotti Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 106.25 lbs. for 8 reps
Perry Merlotti Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 106.25 lbs. for 8 reps

Perry Merlotti's Sample Workout

Perry Merlotti Workout
Perry Merlotti Workout


I will stick to a specific training protocol for 3-4 weeks then switch it up.

Monday- Torso

Tuesday- Quads/Calves

Wednesday- Arms

Thursday- Shoulders

Friday- Hamstrings/Calves

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

Perry Merlotti's Meal Plan

Perry Merlotti Meal Plan
Perry Merlotti Meal Plan


Meal 1: 10 oz steak and handful of almonds

Meal 2: 10 oz ground beef with 2 cups of asparagus

Meal 3: 10 oz chicken breasts with 2 cups of zucchini

Meal 4: 10 oz ground turkey with 2 cups of asparagus

Meal 5: 10 oz chicken breats with 2 cups of zucchini

*food will be cooked in coconut oil, organic salted butter, or macadamia nut oil.

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