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Home Training Living in Fitness Powerhouse Gym- The East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding

Powerhouse Gym- The East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding

Powerhouse Gym- The East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding

For any person looking to train at a gym, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym is the East Coast Mecca of bodybuilding. Located in Syosset, NY, Powerhouse Gym is owned and operated by Bev Francis and her husband Steve Weinberger. Bev Francis’ list of athletic achievements includes being the first woman to bench press over 300 pounds, winning the World Professional Bodybuilding Championships in 1987, and breaking the Australian record in shot-put, which earned her a spot on the Australian Track and Field team. Steve Weinberger is also one of the most celebrated figures in the sport of bodybuilding. Along with Bev, he is a judge for the International Federation of Bodybuilding, which judges the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world, such as the famous Mr. Olympia. Mr. Weinberger now currently maintains the daily operations of Powerhouse Gym. As Steve was once a professional bodybuilder, he was able to translate his work ethic from the sport into the gym. Both Bev and Steve are people that we all can look up to as they have used their experiences and wisdom to establish their gym as one of the best gyms in the nation. Muscle & Fitness has ranked this “Powerhouse” as a top 10 gym in America.






You can feel the hardcore atmosphere running through your bones the instant you walk through the gym. You wouldn’t be surprised to see reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler (one of the top bodybuilders in the world) rep out 500 lbs. on the bench press near the back wall, or even NFL stars like Shannon Sharpe load up stacks of plates on the leg press, which is located in one of the largest leg sections in the country. But even without them in your physical presence, it is evident through the hundreds of signed autographed pictures on the wall that they have all paid their dues at this gym. Bodybuilders and professional athletes alike have all written notes on their pictures expressing their gratitude to Bev and Steve for the opportunity to train there.

Even without the star power of such people, there are numrous men and women who train harder here than you can ever imagine. Most importantly, they motivate you to train harder and live a healthier life than you ever thought possible. They set a standard that you cannot find at any other gym and you will continuously strive to be better than the person training next to you.






But even if you are a beginner, you will not find yourself lost here.  That’s what the great thing is about this place. Even the “big-shots” who work out here are humble. You will always feel comfortable here, as many of these people will give you helpful pointers or even spot you on sets. It is truly a very friendly atmosphere and people are always there to help you out.

Any day you step foot into Powerhouse Gym you will simultaneously drop your jaw and widen your eyes at how special this gym really is. We owe our strength of body, our strength of mind, and strength of heart all to Powerhouse. It has shaped us into the people that we are today and we cannot thank Bev and Steve more for their efforts. Powerhouse gym is a major influence in the creation of Muscle Prodigy and has provided us with an innumerable amount of self-confidence and a reason to train hard everyday.

I ask you. No...I beg of you to train in one of the most prestigious gyms in the country! If you are ever in New York, Go to Bev's. You'll never have a more rewarding training experience!

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