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Only a Few Bucks for Supplements?

Only a Few Bucks for Supplements?


I often get questions in the mail about what supplements are best and which ones are going to give people the most bang for their buck. After all, why would you want to spend money on things that will not give you a return on all those hard hours in the gym. It is a real tough question for me to answer because my personal experience is contradictory to what the most popular information sources say.

I don't use supplements. Weird right? I used to in the past but I notice absolutely no difference in my training results with or without them. The only time I did see anything with supplement was when I added in extra calories with weight gainers when I was a really active teen doing weight training, track and field and football.

I puffed up with creatine back in my competitive bodybuilding days but as soon as I stopped, then everything went away. I would puff up for a couple of weeks, feel tight and strong and then poof. Gone. So that was just a waste of money in my eyes. I decided that I did not want to have to "rent" my muscle mass each month by paying for creatine powder. Now I just train hard and eat really well and it's cheaper and healthier in my opinion and I feel great.

I also used to take some vitamins and mineral tablets but then just decided to save that money and spend it on organic and high quality fruits and vegetables. After a while you start to realize that the more importance you give supplements, the more the science behind your training routine gets a back seat.

Not that your training needs to be rocket science or anything but when you are looking for the supplement that will create a difference, sometimes you forget that hard intense effort in your training, rest and proper nutrition are the big boys when it comes to results. And no. Proper nutrition and supplementation are not even close to the same thing.

Now when I want to increase my results and health, I just eat better. Novel concept right? It is and it is also a lot more practical and cost effective. I keep coming back to the fact that if I cannot manage to eat enough of a nutrient by eating food, then perhaps my body does not want or can not even assimilate that level of a nutrient.

When was the last time you tried to eat 35 grams of protein in solid food at every one of your six meals? It gets super tedious.

I know that as a sixteen year old wanting to gain muscle or a 40 year old wanting to lose weight, you'll be looking for that extra edge or quick fix that will make things happen faster. The sad truth though is that a lot of the time, actually almost all of the time, if it's legal, it won't do much of anything at all for you. It definitely won't do more for you then using that same amount of money to go shopping for great food and outfitting your kitchen properly.

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