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Home Training Exercises- How to Do Shoulders & Traps One Arm Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raise

One Arm Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raise

One Arm Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raise

How to do One Arm Bent Over Rear Deltoid Lateral Raise

Shoulders & Traps Exercise Training Workout

Set up to a bench with one knee on the bench and the other foot extended and planted on the ground behind it with a dumbbell in hand (bend at the waist to do this and keep your back straight keeping your head aligned with your spine). You can also do this with one knee on the bench. Let your arm hang with the dumbbell in the hand and hold the bench with your other hand for support. Slowly bring the dumbbell up sideways in an arc-like motion while keeping your arm extended, with a slight bend, throughout the entire movement. Hold the dumbbell up sideways for a brief moment to squeeze your rear deltoid at the top of the movement. Slowly bring the dumbbell back down in that same arc-like motion until your arm is hanging again.




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Date Published : 2010-01-31 12:43:39
Written By : Muscle Prodigy