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Nutritional Weight Loss for Rookies

Nutritional Weight Loss for Rookies


For some this may sound a bit confusing, so I am going to break it down as simple as possible, so that weight loss can be attained by just about anybody.


Fat loss can be attained by simply maintaining a low blood sugar level.


Anytime you eat carbohydrates, an insulin spike occurs because of increased glucose in your bloodstream. [Carbs essentially convert to sugar (glucose)]. A higher insulin spike would occur when consuming high glycemic foods (simple carbs; pasta, white bread, flour, chips etc). Mind you, I am not saying go on a “no-carb diet”; carbs are good for you when they are complex, and within moderation.

Do you ever notice whenever you consume even half a chocolate bar, that you are craving more sugar and more junk food? That is because your body’s blood sugar has risen and you begin to crave more crap food, and even feel hungry, have low energy levels, and even spurts of mood-swings. Do you really think the Lays commercial with the slogan I bet you can’t eat just one is referring to the oh so great chips? No…they probably know the effects of insulin spikes and how they can affect your cravings! Foods really do have a great affect on a body. Instead of eating that chocolate bar, if you had eaten something low on the GI (Glycemic Index) you would have never craved more junk foods. Usually people who eat crap, feel and look like crap because throughout the day they eat a bag of chips, and crave more and when they have finished eating they feel very fatigued. So throughout the day rather than feeling good and healthy, they have ups and downs causing mood-swings and lack of energy and more cravings for chocolate, cake, and chips.


However, that is not the only downfall of eating junk. Anytime your body produces too much insulin (maybe because you just had a big piece of cake), your body turns all of the extra sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream into triglycerides which is blood fat that becomes stored in the fat cells. So the more simple carbohydrates (most of them) that you eat, the more your body will begin to store and covert into triglycerides causing you to store more fat, and breakdown lean muscle.


A Simple way to maintain a low blood sugar level is to eat Low Glycemic foods [Complex Carbohydrates (whole foods, vegetables, legumes, dairy, oats, dried fruits, fresh fruits, long grain rice etc)]. Combining these foods with lean protein, and “good fats” are also extremely important because lean protein and “good fats” actually slow down and minimize the release of insulin in the bloodstream thus maintaining a low blood sugar level.


Eating every 2 1/2- 3 hours in smaller portions also contribute to maintaining low blood sugar and decreasing cravings throughout the day


Actually combining lean protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates (low GI) release a very important hormone called Glucagon which is a key factor in maintaining low blood sugar levels. Glucagon in fact promotes fat loss in the body!

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