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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment NFLs Meanest Man Revealed

NFLs Meanest Man Revealed

NFLs Meanest Man Revealed


Of all the extremely talented, muscle rippling, teeth bearing, hard hitting pros in the NFL that are running full speed into one another, who do you think is the meanest of them all? Well, a recent Sports Illustrated poll of 287 NFL players revealed that the overwhelming response is Stealers’ linebacker James Harrison.


Snagging 35% of the vote, Harrison has obviously made an impression on the players facing him… and for good reason. A huge helmet-to-helmet collision last season netted Harrison a $75,000 fine which helped to drive up his total in fines for league violations to $100,000. That blow left Mohamed Massaquoi of Cleveland sporting a dizzying concussion. He also called Roger Goodell, the current NFL commissioner, a “devil” at one time. Pretty much like calling the kettle black in the light of things!


Poll results also proclaimed linebacker Ray Lewis of the Ravens the second meanest with 5% of the vote. The Lion’s Ndamukong Suh nabbed the number three spot and the fourth meanest SOB in the league went to Richard Seymour of the Raiders.


A similar poll conducted by SI placed A.J. Pierzynski, catcher for the White Sox, as the number one meanest player in the MLB, with Phillies’ second baseman Chase Utley pulling second place out of the dust. Responding were 215 MLB players.

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