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MMA Training Misconceptions and How to Correct Them

MMA Training Misconceptions and How to Correct Them


Mixed Martial Arts is a fairly new sport, officially getting its start in 1993 when the Gracie family brought the popular Brazilian combat sport of Vale Tudo to the United States. Since then, there has been a rapid rise in popularity of MMA sports which has produced several common training misconceptions by those eager to strut their stuff in the octagon.

Due to the nature of combining techniques in Mixed Martial Arts and the need to structure MMA training to keep up with the sport’s rapid growths, numerous MMA training misconceptions have arisen which are not based on solid physical procedures that ultimately prepare you for cage combat. Let’s take a look at the most common erroneous MMA training ideologies and how to correct them for maximum training benefit come fight time.





Misconception: Train As If You’re In the Octagon

Many MMA fighters think that they should create a training program that reflects the same conditions which they will experience in the ring. This ideology sounds fairly reasonable because you may believe that duplicating the hard core conditions in the cage will better prepare you for action. Therefore, sparring is taken to the extreme just like it would be during an MMA match.

Correct Method
Sparring is a good training technique that helps get you ready for a real fight. However, your goal while sparring should be on perfecting techniques which are executed with greater power, strength, agility, endurance and speed. These qualities are gained from good weight training workouts and not from hard blow spars. If you focus on building such qualities during your strength training program and practice speed and execution of technique when sparring, you are sure to accelerate when it’s time for the real deal.





Misconception: Train Until There’s Excessive Pain

Mixed Martial Arts is a tough sport and a tough image is necessary to go along with it which either works to intimidate your opponent or, at least, attempts to cover up any of your weaknesses. However, many MMA fighters take macho to the extreme and believe that you have to, not only spar, but also workout until it hurts, literally. The belief is that your endurance and tolerance to fight pain will increase if you push yourself to your pain threshold every day during your workout program. 

Correct Method
Overtraining is destructive to strength building. Although you definitely want to exercise to the point of muscle fatigue and breakdown, you want to avoid beating yourself up which is in opposition to your training goals. Overtraining may make you feel like you’ll be stronger for it, but the truth is that it will reduce muscle mass and strength, weaken your immune system and lower testosterone levels.

Your goal should be to train so well and so thoroughly that you maximize strength training and completely avoid injury. Overtraining to the point of intense pain or injury is a sign that you are not training correctly.





Misconception: Eat All You Want When MMA Training

Many of those training for Mixed Martial Arts believe that they can eat anything and everything they want because they are participating in high intensity workouts. Again, this may seem to make sense since large amounts of calories will be burned up during MMA training exercises. However, this is another misconception which will actually harm your ring performance.

Correct Method
Proper nutrition is an integral part of a successful fitness program. The old adage “You are what you eat” is completely true. Therefore, if you put junk food into your system during training periods, you will get junk food returns when it comes time to draw off of your fitness reserves. 

Sculpt your MMA diet so that it consists of high amounts of proteins and other amino acids which are needed to build strong muscles. Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, raw milk products and other nutrient-rich foods that will increase long lasting energy levels as well as sustain healthy organs and body systems which take a pounding both in and out of the ring. 

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