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Home Health & Lifestyle Miscallaneous Entertainment Mike The Situation Brings GTL to the Plaza Hotel

Mike The Situation Brings GTL to the Plaza Hotel

Mike The Situation Brings GTL to the Plaza Hotel
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, star of MTV's Jersey Shore, wants to bring GTL to the Plaza Hotel. Sorrentino, 28, has reportedly been approached about being part owner and the face of the gym that is located inside Manhattan's high-end luxury hotel. It is rumored that the fitness center will be super exclusive and require letters of reference to join. It is also rumored that the Situation himself will be teaching classes and creating workout programs for the gym's exclusive members.
The old gym in the Plaza Hotel, formerly known as the celebrity hotspot Radu, closed several months ago and has been unoccupied ever since. Sorrentino is said to be in talks with the health club's consulting company to sign the lease within the next few weeks.
Mike The Situation parlays reality tv fame into big bucks
A former gym manager making just $35,000 last year, the Situation is on pace to make around $5 million dollars in 2010 due to his association with numerous products. He has his own supplement line, vodka line and clothing line. In addition, he also launched his own exercise DVD and a GTL iPhone app. On top of that (wow...the list keeps going), he has large endorsements with Vitamin Water and Reebok. Lastly, who can forget the thousands of dollars he gets per episode of the Jersey Shore and his brief appearance on Dancing With the Stars?
Sorrentino's latest product is a book on dating and workout advice called "Here's The Situation" set to be released on November 2.

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