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Michael Ray Garvin- The World's Most Jacked Athlete

Michael Ray Garvin- The World's Most Jacked Athlete


Michael Ray Garvin is known by many as the "World's Most Jacked Athlete".

Just look at the guy. Can you debate otherwise?









At 5'8 and 182 lbs., this man is built like a statue. He has a better physique than most fitness models and bodybuilders, and stays at these low bodyfat levels all year round. You could shred cheese off his abs. I'm not even joking. Not only does he possess an unbelievable physique (a superficial trait), but he has some of the best speed ever seen among a pro athlete. 

At Florida State, Garvin was an All-American in football and track and field. In football, he finished the 2008 season second in the nation in kickoff returns. He set the school record for career kickoff yards, average yards-per-return and tied the all-time record for returns in a career with 73. In track, Garvin was a seven-time All-American sprinter and member of the winning 4x100 meter relay in the 2007 NCAA outdoors. He finished third at the 100 meters and even qualified for the Olympic trials. 

The best recorded time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine was 4.30 seconds by Darrius Heyward-Bey, a wide receiver from Maryland. At Florida State's Pro Day, Garvin beat it twice, posting times of 4.24 and 4.28 seconds, numbers he said we rounded up from 4.18 and 4.22 to compensate for hand-held timing devices. 

Garvin tore his meniscus in his left knee returning a kickoff during an NFL preseason game. At the time, Garvin was the star of the Cardinals preseason opener, averaging 30 yards per kick return and 10 yards per punt return. His injury looked career ending. Will he ever be as fast and strong again? After rehabilitating his knee and being more motivated than ever, Garvin is attempting a comeback to the NFL. Watch the video below, which depicts his journey back to stardom.









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