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Michael Pittman Workout

Michael Pittman Workout


Michael Pittman

Running Back (Currently plays in the UFL, played for Denver Broncos last year)

6’0, 225 lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.40 sec


Michael Pittman may be the most bodybuilding minded of all football players.  In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Pittman disclosed some of his insane feats of size and strength. He has 21.5-inch biceps (pre-workout) and 23 inches at full flex. This means his arms are practically bigger than most bodybuilders these days. He was a skinny, 184-pound freshman at Fresno State to leaving college at 220 pounds and able to bench-press more than 400 pounds. The running back routinely does a 485 pound bench-press, a 505-pound shoulder-shrug and leg-presses 1,500 pounds during his off-season routine.  He also does 90-pound dumbbell curls with each arm! This practically makes Pittman one of the strongest pound for pound football players. Pittman has admitted that around six or seven workout partners “fell by the wayside” over the years due to his high intensity level in the gym.

Pittman’s eating routine is very plain, especially during off-season training. He shies away from condiments like ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. The only thing he puts on his chicken is salt and pepper and the only meat on his pasta is turkey. Adding those extra condiments can add up extra calories. The fact that he eats a lot of his meals without condiments only adds to his leaness and muscular vascularity. He has a lot of calories in the morning and gradually lowers it during the day. This is especially important because your body tends to need more calories during the day when you are most active and less as the day goes on since you are more sedentary (this is for most people's schedules). Pittman will only have “cheat meals” (pizza or fried chicken) once in a while to give him added fuel during a gruesome NFL season. In terms of supplements, Pittman relies on three products from the BSN nutritional-supplement company: Cellmass, N.O.-Xplode and Nitrix.  



Pittman is known around the sports world
for his massive biceps.






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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:39
Written By : Richie Allen