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Home Nutrition Amer the Hammer Meal Plan of the Day May 25 2011 Meal Plan- 3 Phase Get Ripped Plan: Part 2

May 25 2011 Meal Plan- 3 Phase Get Ripped Plan: Part 2

May 25 2011 Meal Plan- 3 Phase Get Ripped Plan: Part 2

May 25 2011 Meal Plan of the Day- Phase 2 Get Ripped Plan

The diet I used to get in shape, from old Amer to new Amer was a 3-phase system that I had designed. The reason that it is vital to diet in phases is to give your body time to ease into a diet, rather then going from black to white overnight.

Things start to heat up, and become a bit more strict during phase 2, in order to get you ready for the final stretch(phase 3).  Food choices DO matter now, and added calories must be eliminated in order to see the fat begin to strip off more.  If you were to do the same things over and over for 16 weeks, by the first few weeks your body would catch on to you, and find more efficient ways of doing what you have been doing(burning less calories for fuel)=a plateau in fat loss.  Please keep in mind, EVERYBODY has different requirements to suit their bodies, lifestyles genetics etc.  This is a diet that I personally followed, so please do not follow it to the T because no 2 bodies are alike.

PHASE 2 Sample Daily Diet:

MEAL 1(preworkout)



50ml Almond Breeze


2 whole eggs

6 egg whites




Meal 2(P/W)

50g Whey protein

1/3 cup soaked  Large Flake Oats 

400ml Grape Juice


Meal 3

10oz Tilapia

200g Baby Potato

Green Beans


Meal 4

6 eggwhites

2 whole eggs

½ pear


Meal 5

10oz Tilapia

6 Almonds



Meal 6(Chocolate Protein Mousse)

30g Casein protein

1 tbsp Almond butter

2 egg whites


I now reduce from 3 protein shakes per day to 2.  My workouts at this point are more intense(drop sets, supersets, less rest), and cardio 3x per week


Fish Oil


BCAA Agent•M



Look at Phase 1 Here

...Phase 3 coming soon...


Check back daily for Amer the Hammer's Workout of the Day and Meal Plan of the Day on the home page of to help you get the best body of your dreams. Amer is a premiere fitness model and personal trainer that has helped hundreds of clients go from fat to contest ready in as little as a few weeks. Amer can help you with all of your needs including fat loss, body toning, muscle building, and pain management. 

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