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Matt Damon Workout

Matt Damon Workout



Matt Damon, voted as the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, has had quite a number of movies in which he has appeared with a ripped body, most notably being The Bourne TrilogyDamon hasn't revealed his workout secrets to anyone, but we can definitely come up with a scenario in which he acted out in order to get in such great shape for the roles. In Bourne Identity (the original), you can see a bench with free weights in the background. We obviously know that he does a lot of weightlifting. In fact, here is a picture of Damon doing free weight curls with legendary trainer Mike Torchia.



File:Torchia Matt Damon.jpg
Here Damon is doing free weight curls with legendary trainer
Mike Torchia to really build up his biceps. This is one of the best
bicep workouts to do to really build strength and size in that muscle.



In addition, in 
Good Will Hunting, which was written by Matt Damon himself, his character refers to lifting weights and bench pressing often. Furthermore, we can see in Bourne Supremacy, Damon doing a full-out sprint on the beach for upwards of 30 seconds. We obviously know that Damon is a fitness guru and trains for his roles with the utmost intensity. We can see that with his muscles that Damon probably uses a high intensity training regimen, working out with weights at least 4 days a week to build his musculature and doing HIIT Cardio involving sprints to get that leaned-out look.  Obviously, Damon is not going to look ripped unless he follows a clean diet so we are sure that Damon knows the principles of a high protein, low carb, and low fat diet to make sure he shows up ripped.

Damon doesn't believe in high-stress activity or diet plans that are too restricting, but he does give it his all. For the Bourne series, Damon did an hour and a half of boxing training a day, as well as Kali style martial arts training involving a lot of ground work, strikes, grappling, and breaking according to

Our Take: To play Jason Bourne, you got to be pretty jacked. Damon sure knows what he's doing.




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