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Home Training Workouts Marzia Prince Workout

Marzia Prince Workout

Marzia Prince Workout

Weekly Weight Training Split- 


Day 1: Back/Chest

Day 2: Legs (large muscle groups)

Day 3: Core (Private Pilates session)

Day 4: Bi’s/Tri’s/Shoulders

Day 5: Legs (Little muscle groups)

Day 6: Core (Private Pilates Session)

Day 7: Hot Yoga




1) I drink 2 cups of water with fresh squeezed lemon before I do my morning cardio. This will not only hydrate you, the lemon will stimulate your liver to flush out toxins to help you burn fat more efficiently.


2) 15 minutes warm up systems of the body and wake up


3) 40 minutes of HIIT (1 min 30 sec regular cardio, 30 sec as hard as you can, 20 intervals total)

5 minute cool down




1 warm up set of 20 reps for the first circuit of exercises to warm up muscles. Never lift heavy on a cold muscle! You can injure yourself. Please do 4 sets. Drop set the last set.

1 set/15-20 reps at a lighter weight

2 sets/10-12 reps heavy

1 set/8-10 reps heavy and then drop set


Bench press with feet on bench to protect lower back

Dumbbell flys  (lying down feet on bench)

Seated cable back rows

Reverse cable flys for back standing

Seated machine chest press

Seated cable flys

Bent over barbell rows standing

Bent over dumbbell flys standing





10-15 minute cardio warm up is essential for legs! 1 warm up set of 15-20 reps to warm up muscles.


1 set/20 reps

2 sets/10-12 reps

Last set/ 8-10 reps

Squats (Can be machine, barbell, or hack squats)

10 jump squats

2 minute jump rope

Walking lunges

10 jumping lunges (each side)

2 minute jump rope

Step ups

10 Plyo step ups (each side)

2 minute jump rope

Hamstring curls (Machine)

15 Swiss Ball hamstring curls

2 minute jump rope



DAY 3: CORE (Private Pilates session)


Intensive core work on the Pilates reformer, chair, and mat in an hour session






Please do 1 warm up set of 15-20 reps for the first circuit of exercises to warm up muscles. Never lift heavy on a cold muscle! You can injure yourself.


1 set 20 reps

2 sets/10-12reps

Last set 8-10 reps and then drop set


Dumbbell bicep curls

Dumbbell tricep extensions

Dumbbell shoulder presses up

Cable bicep curls

Cable tricep extensions

Cable frontal raises with rope

Barbell bicep curls

Barbell tricep extensions

Skull crushers on bench with barbell




DAY 5: LEGS (Little muscle groups, no gym needed)


4 sets/25 reps (You can use ankle weights or cables for more resistance if too easy.)


Lying down on side- (do both sides)

Side leg lifts

Inner thigh leg lifts

Leg circles forward

Leg circles backward


On all fours- (keep core tight, do not let hang)

Fire hydrant leg lifts (yes, like a dog! LOL)

Leg raises

Glute squeezes (leg at 90 degrees and squeeze glutes as you push leg up, keep foot flexed, bring leg down again)

Fire hydrant/glute squeeze combo (each leg)


Laying on back-

Floor bridges (lay on back, knees up, feet on ground, squeeze butt at top on contraction)

One legged leg lift (you are laying on back in floor bridge position, take one leg and lay it flat on floor, lift leg up and bring it back to the floor)



DAY SIX: CORE (Private Pilates session)


2 SETS/20 reps before my pilates instructor


Swiss ball crunches

Lateral side raises on Swiss ball (each side)

Back extensions on Swiss ball

Swiss ball wall crunches (feet on wall)

Swiss ball knee tucks

Swiss ball side knee tucks (10 to the right, 10 to the left)

Swiss ball plank


60 minutes of intense core work on the Pilates reformer, chair, and box



DAY SIX: HOT YOGA (90 minutes)




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Date Published : 2011-06-23 08:29:59
Written By : Muscle Prodigy

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