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Martin St. Louis Workout

Martin St. Louis Workout


Martin St. Louis

Right Wing, Tampa Bay Lightning

5’7, 180 lbs.

Even though St. Louis is one of the shortest players in the league at under 5’9, he has some of the strongest legs in the league; he is rumored to squat over 400 lbs. NHL's 2004 MVP claims that being so light makes him really fast only if he is one of the strongest guys pound for pound in the league. According to an article by Sports Illustrated, St. Louis works out with trainer Ben Prentiss at a facility in Darien, Conn. for only an hour a day, four days a week, but those 60 minutes were more intense than you could ever imagine. The hour of training simulates a live hockey game, in which you get to rest between shifts, but when it's your turn, you better light it up. Since St. Louis works out very intensely four days a week, he needs those extra three days of rest. It's important for athletes to get proper recovery and St. Louis does just that. The body repairs and strengthens itself when you rest. Continuous training without proper rest can actually weaken you and lead to overtraining. Giving three days of rest ensures St. Louis he is getting the proper recovery time. It's also good that St. Louis keeps his workouts to no more than an hour. It is believed that muscle growth hormones that the body produces peaks within 30 minutes of starting exercise and can decline from there. Keeping it to no more than an hour is very beneficial in the long-term.






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Some of the exercises Martin St. Louis uses are Snatch Pulls as shown in the photo below. He starts out with 80 pounds on a barbell plus two 27 1/2 pound metal chains to add varying resistance. He does three reps for six sets, adding 25 pounds each set to move up to a total of 260 lbs. in his last set, making Martin St. Louis one strong bastard. This exercise works his hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and quads, which are all crucial for skating speed.



The snatch pulls works St. Louis' hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and quads, which are all crucial
for skating speed.


St. Louis also performs rhythm squats in which he alternates beween 10 squats and 10 heel raises for 50 total reps. He starts out with 185 pounds on his back and does 5 sets, adding 20 pounds each time to go up to a total of 265 lbs. where he does upwards of 30 reps with it before ever putting the bar back on the rack. This is tremendous for leg power, ankle flexion, and building up his anaerobic and aerobic capacity.


Another great exercise he performs is called Hurdles and Box. St. Louis sets up two 24 inch high hurdles with a 20 inch high box two feet beyond each hurdle. He jumps and clears each hurdle without any pause between jumps. As soon as he lands, he explosively powers up over the next box with minimal ground contact. He does 4 sets and raises each hurdle 3 inches each set, working up to a total of 33" and 29", respectively on his last set. This exercise is great for enhancing leg power because the leg muscles are stretched and contracted quickly. 


As you can see from his workouts, St. Louis puts a lot of emphasis on his legs since most of the power and explosion in hockey starts with the legs. No wonder why St. Louis has some of the strongest legs in the league! 














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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:21:44
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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