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Mario Williams Workout

Mario Williams Workout


Mario Williams workout and training routine is highly effective. If it wasn’t, the 6’6, 295 lb. Williams wouldn’t of had one of the best NFL Combine performances in history. He ran a 4.66 40-yard dash, had a 40-inch vertical jump, and bench-pressed 35 repetitions of 225 pounds. In the 2006 NFL Draft, Williams was chosen over Reggie Bush and Vince Young, who many deemed as some of the best college football players in history.


Williams trained with Athletes’ Performance in Tempe, Arizona to become one of the biggest physical presences in the NFL. According to an interview with Men’s Health, here are some of the most effective workouts that Mario Williams performs, offering some tips along the way. You got to take his advice seriously. Look how big he is!



Williams has one of the most impressive physiques in the NFL today. It is clear that he takes
his training extremely serious. Williams does a lot of compound movements, which helps with 
added mass to his already massive frame.



Williams does a lot of the bench press since it is one of best chest exercises to do. This type of exercise activates a large number of muscle groups in the upper-half of the body, in addition to providing the fastest way to build power, strength, and explosion in the chest. After his bench press, Williams does isometric pushup holds. In the pushup position, he bends his elbows to where his chest is just off the floor, keeping his body straight. He holds for 20 seconds and rests for 60 seconds. He repeats this cycle three or four more times. This exercise is a great way to improve your core stability and upper body strength.






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Williams also performs the barbell bench press using the heaviest weight he can handle with perfect form, and rests for 3 ½ minutes between sets. He does 20 reps of the bench press to failure, rests for 7 minutes, then drops 20 pounds and tries to complete the same number of reps. The barbell bench press hits the upper pecs really hard and develops the upper portion of the pectoral muscle.


Williams does cluster sets to improve his overall strength by doing a combination of high weight and low reps. In the cluster set, Williams loads a barbell with a weight that will allow him to do only four reps without abandoning proper form. He does four reps and rests for 15 seconds, then does one rep before racking the bar. He continues with rest/single rep cycle for a total of four to eight reps. This helps him become so powerful and explosive.


Williams performs strip sets to increase his rep count. He adds 5 pounds to his workout and does as many reps as he can using the easiest grip (wide, medium, or narrow). He rests 15 seconds as his spotters strip away the weight. If you’re lifting 185 pounds or more, Williams believes you should drop 40 pounds. If below 185 pounds, drop 20 pounds. He does this set with his weakest grip, and strips away another 20 or 40 for a third set, same grip. Williams stops when he goes to complete failure and his form cannot be controlled. This is why he is able to go full throttle in the game, play after play and get after the quarterback with such success. 


Mario Williams was an alumni of this training routine program to prepare for the NFL Combine:
















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Date Published : 2011-12-11 01:57:50
Written By : Richard Allen

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