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Home The Girl of the Month Marie Blanchard Interview

Marie Blanchard Interview

Marie Blanchard Interview

MP: What kinds of exercises do you focus on? Do you prefer cardiovascular or weight training as the focus of your workouts?

Marie: I would prefer cardiovascular workout, makes me feel rejuvenated when im all done.

MP: How did you get started with exercising? What are the challenges that come with being consistent in the gym?

Marie: I started exercising by hanging out with some friends who loves working out. Its amazing the influences your friends can have on you. Also I alsways have challenges when I work out, I always challenge myself to either do more sit-ups, squats, and jogging (on the treadmill or steps on the  stepper)i did the previous week!

MP: What is your healthy food of choice? What are some of the benefits of this food?

Marie: I have a variety healthy foods of choice. In the morning, I drink 5oz of Designer Whey Protein shake along with a my eggs mixed with chopped broccoli, onions, and mushrooms stuffed in a  Pita bread. For lunch I would have chicken, beef, or salmon salad or wrapps or just a bowl of mixed fruits and so on.. later on I have  broccoli, carrots and or corn grains (i dont like any other vegetables) with couscous or rice pilaf with my choice of meat. Now this I only do a couple of weeks out of the year. but I do routinely workout 2-3 times a week. I would have fried calamari here and there if I go out, just a normal entre and I also drink. But I totally DO NOT DRINK ANY SOFT DRINKS. I do not eat any fast food and I totally keep fried food to a total minimum. Remember Im haitian, I love to eat my Haitian Soul food.

MP: What kinds of drinks do you have? Are you more of a water kind of girl or someone who enjoys drinking juice or soda?

Marie: I love drinking water but I do drink orange juice, non pulp. Definitely no soda in this diet though!

MP: Coming to the United States from Haiti at the age of 12, what has been the biggest difference between the two countries?

Marie: The biggest difference between my country and the United States besides seeing so many Caucasian people around (was a shocker by the way) was how much food this country has, that food was just everywhere you go. Also the opportunities this country provides a person to become better. I remember in my country when a family grew in poverty they usually stay in poverty. I know its the case for millions of people back there hopefully after this disaster they will find a way to recover.

MP: What are the challenges that come with running your own construction company? How do you balance your time with your own business with modeling and acting? How do you define balance?

Marie: The challenges are, that there aren't enough hours in a  the day to be able to cover everything on time, so i have to be very organized and balance my time appropriately. My definition of balance is that I have to divide my time equally and appropriately to whatever endeavor/task to obtain success.

MP: You have been featured on Playboy. What prompted you to pose nude on Playboy? What was the overall experience like?

Marie: The experience was great, I was very comfortable during the photo shoot. Brian Treiber was an awesome photographer to work with and him and I are going to work together again in the near future.

MP: You appeared on the Howard Stern Show as Miss Howard TV of June 2009. What is this honor? What’s it like being on the Howard Stern Show?

Marie: It was amazing being featured on the show. I was very shy but Howard and the rest of the staff did a great job making feel very comfortable. I am a naughty girl at heart but my boyfriend was in the green room at the time so I was afraid of the questions they would ask about my previous relationship and the naughty things I've done before him and I got together.

MP: You have appeared in numerous movies with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hatheway. Tell us about this. How exciting and/or nerve-racking was it to appear alongside A-list celebrities on such movies?

Marie: I have only been in 1 movie with Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hatheway, the others were with Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen in the movie "Zach and Miri" and Rumor Willis and Audrianna Patridge in Sorority Row.  In all its always very strange to meet and work onset with these actors  without asking to take a picture with them, unless you get to know them while working. But usually we dont have time for that .. Also being professional is very important(says my agency everytime I am booked for a movie).

MP: What do consider as facets of the perfect man and why?

Marie: I dont believe in a perfect man! Everyone has flaws but how you counteract them is what's important.

MP: Who do you believe is the most beautiful woman in the world and why?

Marie: I think hand down Tyra Banks is the most beautiful woman in the world because, not only is she beautiful and elegant on the outside, shes also a beautiful woman on the inside. She is funny, smart and has a lot of pzazz!!. and then theres Megan Fox, shes just freaking hot.

MP: What is your definition of beauty?

Marie: Tyra Tyra Tyra.. she represent all women out there, whether they are short or tall skinny or thick. she represent and defines what beauty really is

MP: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would want to have and why?

Marie: I would bring my nine mm and bullets because i can kill anything then build a fire from scratch and eat easy..Also i can use it to shoot predators or crazy pirates!.. yes I said Pirates!

MP: What is something that people may not know about you?

Marie: When I blow my nose sometime snot come out of my eyes..yyyuppp!

MP: What are your future goals?

Marie: My goals are just to be more successful with what I am doing.(modeling, acting, and my company)

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Date Published : 2010-03-16 13:07:04
Written By : Muscle Prodigy