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Lower Ab Exercise Is a Must to Have an Amazing Six Pack

Lower Ab Exercise Is a Must to Have an Amazing Six Pack


Lower ab exercise needs to be a part of a good workout. Especially when working out the mid section. I know sometimes it is hard to workout your abs and even have energy to do it when you already worked out for an hour or so in the gym, building muscle and doing cardio.


But the truth is that the abdominal area of the body is also a muscle and in order to have a good looking, cut, ripped abs, you need to do abdominal exercises that also constitute lower ab exercise in the routine. There are tons of routines out there but no lower ab exercise will make a difference without consistency and taking action in order to achieve full results.


I can guarantee you that if you pick a good lower lower ab exercise and do it consistently for about 3 months you will have a great looking midsection, to die for. That is a fact! The best way that I have found through many years of working out and it has proven effective through many of my clients are doing 3 sets of 15 reps each of each lower ab exercise. If you do the lower ab exercise with complete concentration, focus, and proper breathing technique, there is nothing that will stop you six pack abs from getting ripped.


Here are some lower abdominal exercises that you can start doing today and it will help you achieve a nice six pack.


1) Seated Leg Tucks - You start by sitting sideways on a bench and grasp the edge of the bench in order to support your body and then bend your knees while raising your legs slightly. You focus is to bend your knees towards your chest and straighten them (for each rep) without touching your legs on the ground. This is a great lower ab exercise that concentrates on the bottom portion of the six pack.


2) Roman Chair/Vertical Bench Leg Raises - Position yourself on the Roman Chair machine (also called Vertical Bench), while you use your arms to hold yourself up. Then with complete concentration, you lift your legs up straight up (thinking about the lower abs while you do the exercise). You are doing a reverse crunch with your legs. (beginners can just bring your knees up for each rep).


This are two great lower abdominal exercises that if done correctly, will help shape that six pack abs in no time. Remember, consistency and action becomes amazing results. You can achieve any fitness and health goals you want as long as you learn what to do and start doing in right away, one step at a time.


About the Author

David is a leading expert in lower ab exercise, for more information on fitness, health, nutrition, and success, visit

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