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Home The Girl of the Month Louise Willard Interview

Louise Willard Interview

Louise Willard Interview

MP:What do you think is the hardest part about maintaining a healthy and fit body? How do consistently stay in such great shape?

Louise: For myself, the hardest thing for me is losing motivation when I’m tired or stressed. I’m in a routine of training and I love it but everyone has their off days. If I cant make it to the gym physically, then I will go for a walk or run, that way I still feel like I’m being active somewhat. 


MP: You use two personal trainers when working out. Does each of your personal trainers offer something unique? Why not just stick with one?

Louise: I like to see both my trainers because they both train me very differently. I have come a long way thanks to both of them, as they keep my motivation up, teach me new exercises and push me to where I can’t push myself. If I have a photo shoot I need to prepare for, I say to them; right! Listen up! I need to look like this by this date! Can you help me do it. And its always been a yes.


MP: What advantages do you believe personal trainers offer someone? Do you recommend them for everyone?

Louise: When someone is starting out training for the first time, yes I think trainers are great. They can educate you, advise you on your diet, give you tips and help support you in your goals.


MP: As a clinical aesthetician, specializing in laser and face rejuvenation, what do you love most about your work?

Louise: I love to make people look and feel good about themselves. Improving peoples self esteem and confidence can be done with the simplest procedures and can make a world of difference.


MP: Have you found any success with being a part time makeup artist and model? Who have you modeled for?

Louise: Yes I have, its an added bonus for me to be a makeup artist as well as a model, im pretty pedantic when it comes to how people look after my face for a shoot, so I can always adjust or touch up things. I have been modeling since October last year and my recent jobs include; The wet and wild calendar 2010, centerfold for tracks surfing mag, poster girl for a lingerie label, various music video clips, Add in Ralph Magazine for Autoglim, ZOO weekly magazine: newest girls of 09, ZOO 3D babes, ZOO babe watch, and real girls 09. Sports model for Inside sport.

MP: Next month, you will be attending a Playboy event called “The Girls of Golf.” Can you explain more about this event and how you will be participating?

Louise: It’s a worldwide event but new to Australia as its only the second year I believe. The event is owned by playboy and a winner is drawn at the end of the weekend to fly to the states to play at the mansion. It’s a great way for girls to get more exposure here as well as overseas. 


MP: You are also a finalist for the Zoo Real Girl of the Year competition. Can you elaborate more on this?

Louise: It is a competition ZOO magazine run each year called real girls. They chose me as a finalist so I’m heading to Queensland in the end of November for a photo shoot for them. Should be lots of fun.


MP: You have stated that you love to snow ski. What excitement does snow skiing offer?

Louise: The double black diamond ski runs in Vail Colorado. Skiing is physically challenging and exhilarating and it’s done in the most beautiful surroundings.


MP: Explain the perfect kind of guy.

Louise: He has to be funny, independent, easy going, romantic, someone who takes care of himself and doesn’t take himself too seriously. A nice smile is an added bonus too.


MP: Do you believe “nice guys finish last”?

Louise: No, but they tend to think so!


MP: What is the biggest turnoff that you find with guys?

Louise: Vanity, arrogance, selfishness, insecurity and dependant on others.


MP: What are the best/worst pickup lines you ever heard?

Louise: Is there such a thing as a good pick up line? I don’t get it very often and I’m quite traditioal in that, if a man is interested in me I would much prefer him to come introduce himself.


MP: Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world? What makes her so beautiful?

Louise: Allesandra Ambrosio. She a supermodel and defines the word perfect. She has just had a baby and looks better now than before the baby! She has a natural body and the most gorgeous face I’ve ever seen.


MP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Louise: I will hopefully be married, successful in whatever path I take, well travelled, happy and still looking the same as I do now!

Louise Willard Workout

"My exercise routine consists of resistance training. My workouts are full body workouts which I do 3 times a week. On those other 3 days, I do cardio of rowing, running, stair master and  cross trainer. I don’t train to build up muscle, that’s not what I want to achieve. I like my body to be toned so I maintain my body by walking every morning for 1 hour and walking for 45 mins in the evening. My training consists of using resistance bands and doing; squats, squat shoulder press, lunges, plank kick backs, dumbbell row, dumbbell bench press,  bar bicep curls, one leg hamstring curls, dips, push ups,push up with jack knife,  crunches, swiss ball back extension with plate and I do 3-5 sets and15-20 reps."

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Date Published : 2010-01-29 22:53:04
Written By : Muscle Prodigy