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Lebron James Workout

Lebron James Workout


LeBron James Workout

Forward, Miami Heat

6’8, 250 lbs.


Lebron James is one of the freakiest athletes we have ever seen. Although you may brush aside the joking matter of him playing for the Cleveland Browns, this man truly could have excelled in any sport he wanted to. He has size, speed, strength, agility, athleticism, power, endurance, and explosiveness. LeBron James is probably the most athletic man to ever step on the basketball court and his skills have finally caught up to that raw athleticism to put him in the same breath as the greats like Michael Jordan with uncanny ability. LeBron James works hard to get this body and below is the workout routine that he does while in the gym to make sure that he's powerful and explosive with the ball and without it.

LeBron James defines the term jacked.  Recent reports have labeled him at 6’9, 270 pounds and still growing with under 7% bodyfat.  This physical freak has dominated the NBA over the past four years and his never-before-seen combination of size and strength is coveted by all professional athletes.  James provided a schedule of his in-season workout routine, and it's obviously working. 


LeBron has been blessed with some incredible genetics. You can tell he is naturally lean and muscular 
by nature but has really worked hard in the weight room to gain some added mass. You can really see
some great definition in his abs and throughout the rest of his body. 



As you can see below, LeBron James does a lot of supersets with opposing muscle groups. Supersets are a great way of varying your workouts and overcoming a plateau. They really increase the intensity of your workouts and will amp up your conditioning levels and infiltrate more blood into the muscles. Many people use supersets as a way to "shock" their muscles to new growth. Muscle fibers are very efficient at adapting to our workouts if you continue to do the same kinds of training. Therefore, you won't grow as well as you should. Supersets are a way to break that accommodation and force your muscle fibers to adjust through hypertrophy. As you can see, LeBron does supersets with opposing muscle groups. Many people do one muscle group and then move onto the other. Doing them both simulatenously saves a lot of time and will keep the pump throughout your entire body.






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Here is a small sample of his workout routine:



Superset 1 -Pushup to Pullup

Superset 2 - Dumbbell Snatch to Cable Single-arm Row




Superset 1 - Dumbbell Incline-Bench Press to Lat Pulldown

Superset 2 -
Dumbbell Single-arm Overhead Press to Dumbbell Single-arm Row














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Date Published : 2010-08-16 07:19:05
Written By : Jaret Grossman