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Home Sport-Specific Basketball Training Learn to Increase Your Vertical Leap Like Nate Robinson

Learn to Increase Your Vertical Leap Like Nate Robinson

Learn to Increase Your Vertical Leap Like Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson stands only 5’8 but plays basketball with a NBA combine record 43.5 inch vertical leap on his side. Nasty Nate is the NBA’s only three-time Slam Dunk champion winning the event in 2006, 2009 and 2001.  Although Nate claims he was dunking by the 8th grade, it wasn’t untill he left college that he perfected his vertical leap workout. Nate Robinson also has a lot of strength in his upper body as well where he benched 185 lbs. for 13 reps at only 180 pounds bodyweight. He created a special 4 days per week, one hour per day workout.  His workout consisted of:

Day 1 (Monday):
- Jump rope. An excellent exercise for increasing foot speed. (400 jumps)
- Sprint-and-drop. Run the width of a basketball court, drop, and do ten push-ups. (10 sprints)
- Seated figure eight. Sit on a stability ball holding a ten-pound medicine ball in front of you. Your elbows should be tight by your sides. Slowly make a figure-eight motion with the ball, moving your lower body as little as possible. (15 figure eights, then 15 in the opposite direction)
- Leg curl (2 sets of 10)
- Incline chest press (2 sets of 10)
- Standing cable fly (2 sets of 10)
- Standing dumbbell curl Curl one arm, then the other, for one rep. (2 sets of 10)
- Single-arm triceps extension From a seated position, with the weight behind your head (not behind your shoulder), extend your arm until it's pointing straight up. (2 sets of 10 with each arm)

Day 2 (Tuesday):

- Jump rope (400 jumps)
- High knee-raise sprint Sprint the length of a basketball court staying on your toes and lifting your knees as high as possible. (20 sprints)

Day 3 (Wednesday):

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