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Learn How to Get a Flat Stomach With the Best Upper Ab Exercise Routines

Learn How to Get a Flat Stomach With the Best Upper Ab Exercise Routines

Upper ab exercises are great, and necessary. But, to get a flat stomach and nice abs, you can't just focus on upper abdominal exercises.

For instance, if you only do upper ab exercise workouts, while not doing a variety of abdominal muscle exercises to target all your abs muscles. You’ll have flat upper abs with saggy lower abdominals and loose love handles. And, you and I have seen folks with toned upper abs, but saggy lower abs and loose love handles!

So, to get a flat stomach, it’s important to work all your stomach muscles, and upper ab exercise routines are just one part of a complete abdomen exercise program.

Another important part of a complete abdominal muscle exercises program is:

These steps will boost your metabolism, burn off the belly fat covering your abdominal, and “reveal” to the world all the hard work you’ve been doing on your abs with those abdominal muscle exercises! This is how to get a flat stomach!

But, what is the best upper ab exercise to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, you ask? Before we begin the exercises, a couple of little reminders:

  • First, remember to take two or three seconds to rise, hold for one or two seconds, then take at least two or three seconds to lower. In other words, move slowly during your abdominal muscle exercises.
  • Second, perform one set-- or 15 repetitions--of a given abdomen exercise. If that’s too strenuous, simply do as many high-quality reps as you can. Initially do three sets per exercise--as you progress, feel free to do more sets.
  • Remember: quality, not quantity. Your abs does all the lifting.
  • For a more effective workout, don’t come all the way down at the bottom of each rep.

I know you know this already, right? I know you do! No? What do you mean, no?

It’s ok, if you haven't already done so already, just go ahead and refresh yourself on the best abdominal muscle exercises techniques by going to the ab workout tips page. Take your time and let it soak in because your abdomen exercise technique is everything…

Wow, you’re back already? Great!

Without further a due, here are the best upper abs exercises! Just click on the links below and it’ll take you to the upper stomach exercises.

With the exception of crunches, each upper abdomen exercise not only works your upper abdominal. But, it also targets your entire rectus abdominus.


Best Upper Abdominal Muscle Exercises

These yoga poses also target your entire rectus abdominus:

These ab stretches are great to do between rests periods, and compliment your abdomen exercise routines perfectly...

Yoga Abdominal Stretches:

Bottom Line on How to Get a Flat Stomach With the Best Upper Ab Exercise Routines?

Do these upper abdominal exercises along with a variety of abdominal muscle exercises to target your primary abs muscles.

Then combine your abdomen exercise routines with:

And, you’ll get a flat stomach!

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