Last Minute Holiday Christmas Gifts for the Gym Lover

Those who are making the effort to stay fit usually have less time to go shopping for themselves because of the demands of maintaining a regular exercise program. Therefore, it is always appreciated to receive gifts for the holidays which have their special gym needs in mind.

With the Thanksgiving feast over and Christmas quickly approaching, here are some savvy last minute Christmas gift ideas for those on your list who love spending time in the gym.

Protein Bars –All those on a fitness diet are always looking for good sources of protein to help build their growing muscles as well as a healthy snack to keep them away from junk food. A selection of protein bars is a great gift to keep your gym rats healthy and from becoming Grinchy.

Heart Rate Monitor – Many strength training programs and cardio exercise routines require that you keep track of your heart rate in order to reach fitness goals. This thoughtful gift comes and goes straight to the heart.

Doorway Pull Up Bar – These are great Christmas gifts for those who prefer to workout at home. They work in any standard sized doorway and offer multiple exercises for building upper body fitness.

Resistance Band Set – Another good take-anywhere fitness product, resistance bands provide a total body workout for all your Christmas fitness buffs.

Push Up Handles – Pushups are an essential part of any strength training program and pushup handles allow for a full extension range as well as keeping the wrists in good health.

Icy Hot Patches – You will be loved forever by giving this gift of love! Sore muscles are a given with any fitness program and these medicated patches provide comfort to the gym weary warrior. When they apply Icy Hot medicated patches, they get the benefits of an ice pack and heating pad all in one easy-to-use product.